20+ Dogs That Are Not Too Sure About How to Be a Dog

2 years ago

Dogs are very smart and can do lots of unusual and important things no one else can. For example, they can be trained to smell diseases, such as cancer, protect artwork, or detect electronics. However, they can also feel like being goofy sometimes and behave differently than we expect them to.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything collected some pics that show just how sweet the dogs that forgot how to be a dog are.

1. “This is how she sits.”

2. “Yes, I am definitely one of the cats.”

3. “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?”

4. “My girlfriend moved in and brought her cat. Since then, I’m pretty sure my dog has started to think she’s also a cat.”

5. “My dog thinks he is a person and sits upright in human chairs.”

6. “Enjoy these photos of Dexter, who doesn’t understand his legs.”

7. “My 115-pound labrador thinks he’s a cat.”

8. “It was raised by a cat.”

9. “Hmm...that’s not my cat.”

10. “My friend’s dog has clearly been spending too much time around the cat.”

11. “Our cat-dog is ruining our second couch...”

12. “She thinks she’s a cat sometimes.”

13. “I wanted a dog, but I’m pretty sure they gave me a cat.”

14. “I see your lap dog and raise you a head dog.”

15. “He normally curls up on top of the cat pedestal (weird already). This one, however, is new.”

16. “She was my New Year’s present to myself 6 years ago. I’m still not sure if she’s a meerkat, kangaroo, or cat.”

17. How did it learn to behave like that?

18. “My wife describes my service dog as ’an 8-pound cat trapped in an 80-pound dog’s body.’”

19. “Monty thinks he’s a cat. If I fits, I sits.”

20. “I’m not dog, just big cat! See? I loaf!”

21. “She wants belly rubs but also wants to bite me. Is she a cat?”

22. “The first thing I saw when I woke up”

23. “My dog was raised with 2 cats and is forever broken as a result.”

24. “She wants to be one of the cats so bad.”

Bonus: the cat having an existential crisis

Does your dog have any whimsical habits? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit alfphonse / Reddit


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