20+ People Who’ll never Say “My Job Is Boring”

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Standing still or just looking at the screen for hours may be immensely boring at times. While for many people their job is something they need to do for a living, our today’s featured heroes decided to also turn their workplaces into huge playgrounds. They only win from adding some fun to their ordinary day, and here’s how they provoked some huge smiles and giggles from their coworkers.

1. ’’The president of our company is a giant kid, so for his birthday we made his office into a ball pit.’’

2. ’’A project manager from our office is getting married, so we decorated a hard hat for her.’’

3. “I got a little buddy at work too. I’m her surrogate mother.”

4. “So a guy at work makes chainmail...”

5. “I won this at work.”

“We have a monthly employee recognition drawing, and you have the option to pick from a random prize drawer. My boss’ mom donated this to the cause. Supposedly it is a glass mushroom. When I saw it I knew I had to have this thing on my desk somehow. Mission accomplished!”

6. “I forgot I was making caramel at work. It’s a tad overcooked.”

7. “I got carried away with the white out at work today.”

8. “Growing an avocado from my boss’ breakfast!”

9. ’’How you know it’s a busy day at the office...’’

10. “I work at an animal hospital, this is what I do when it’s slow.”

11. “I went on my honeymoon. I was away for 6 weeks. When I arrived back at work, this is what my desk looked like.”

12. “Someone has a case of the Mondays.”

13. “I work at a nursing home. One of the nurse’s daughter brought kittens in today. This was the result.”

14. “My boss told me I could do whatever I want with my desk.”

15. “My new office came with a special colleague!”

16. “I work at a shelter, met the happiest pup yesterday.”

17. “Nothing to complain about with today’s office landscape!”

18. “...and then things got weird.”

19. “VP of sales went out of town. Tech support broke into his office.”

20. “I work at a car emissions center. A customer came through and we found 3 of these in his truck bed sleeping away.”

20. “The garden desk prank”

21. “Rainy day at work”

22. ’’My co-worker decided he wanted a standing desk.’’

What were some extraordinary happenings at your workplace? How do you save your work from becoming boring?

Preview photo credit Gingerteal / Imgur


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