20 Photos That’ll Make You Fasten Your Seatbelts and Ride a Real Time Machine

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Sometimes, while flipping through our family albums, we wish we could return to the time when a certain photo was taken. Nostalgia is a part of every family, and today we’d love to evoke some of such feelings in your souls. Our today’s heroes know for sure how to make you feel like you’re moving through time with the help of their genius shots.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has collected 20 touching photos that show the importance of things that both don’t change or change a lot as time passes.

1. “Photoshoot with the same photographer taken 2 years apart. −100 pounds +1 engagement ring.”

2. “My son and myself, 16 years apart. Same couch, same shirt on me.”

3. “25 years apart: My Mom and I. Same dress, same age.”

4. “They grow up so fast, but some things never change.”

5. “Waited 10 years for Incredibles 2.”

6. “My father pushing my brother and me in the running stroller, and pushing my sons in the same stroller 29 years later.”

7. “Started in the backpack now I’m here, with my son, 34 years later.”

8. “Can you guess which one was taken 20 years ago?”

9. “My mom holding me (1989) vs Me holding my son (2017).”

10. “My dad with my older brother above, and my brother and his firstborn below.”

11. “My husband found our cat when he was an infant kitten. Over a year later, the cat still loves to sleep on his shoulder.”

12. “My daughter, age 2 in 1998 on the left, my granddaughter, age two in 2019 on the right.”

13. “Pups learning important life skills from their mom”

14. “My dad’s genes run a little stronger than my mom’s.”

15. “My wife and her pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper.”

16. “I thought I’d take this Father’s Day to re-create one of my favorite pictures with my dad.”

17. “My girlfriend, now wife, and I at 6 and 26. Bonus addition: our 9-week-old baby girl.”

18. “To commemorate its 25th anniversary, my brother and I decided to re-create this terrifying photo from 1992.”

19. “Sisters then and now, photos 20 years apart.”

20. “They still love this couch and each other.”

Do you have any photos from the past that look just like modern ones? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit ChristineHMcConnell / Imgur


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