20 Pics That Prove a Sparkly Clean Sight Is the Biggest Pleasure to the Eyes

year ago

A lot of people dread cleaning and view it as a boring task that needs to be done eventually, no matter how much they put it off. Yet, the act of cleaning itself is therapeutic and we all feel instinctively satisfied when we see the dirt, dust and grime being washed off surfaces. In fact, our brain feels so good that just right after the washing is done, we feel a sudden urge to start all over again.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t get enough of before and after transformations, which prove that a good cleaning session can do wonders. We’ll share with you some pics that will magically uplift your mood.

1. Shaving my leg.

2. A good scrub

3. “We just started repairing this chimney that was struck by lightning. The first thing we did was pressure-wash the exterior.”

4. “My parents’ lower backyard patio...not perfect but very satisfying.”

5. “Only took 20 minutes! The after photo is a day later. Wanted it to dry before taking the after picture.”

6. “I would’ve never guessed that there was a brick path there.”

7. “My project this weekend was very satisfying.”

8. “The back patio was pressure washed, and simple, cheap decor was added.”

9. “We moved recently and I finally found the time to wash the chimney.”

10. “Made my sister stop walking so I could take a picture of this beauty I saw in the wild! I was embarrassingly excited.”

11. “Dad’s 30-year old deck, which he built himself, power washed...”

12. “Dad did my patio today.”

13. “Cleaned and painted an old propane camp stove that was given to me.”

14. ’’Cleaning for the first time in 20+ years.’’

15. “The front door was never used. I didn’t even know there were tiles.”

16. “I am lucky enough to do what I love for a living.”

17. These sandstone stairs got a second chance...

18. “Finally got around to using the headlight restoration kit I bought.”

19. ’’My deck.’’

20. “I would’ve never guessed that these tiles had a design.”

Which one looked the most satisfying? Have you ever power-washed something in your home? Do you have a pic that you would like to share with us?


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