21 People That Stumbled Upon a Treasure at the End of the Rainbow on an Ordinary Beach Day

2 years ago

The search for hidden treasure is a game that captures all hearts, filling them with the illusion of finding that trunk full of surprises someday. Beaches are one of the places where this happens the most, probably because tides bring hidden objects to us. But only some lucky ones who have been at the right place and time were able to discover them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything boarded the boat to find the fortune chest, and we want to share with you everything we stumbled upon.

1. “My dog found a huge bone at the beach today.”

2. A seemingly appetizing, but inedible, stone sandwich.

3. “Portuguese man o’ war I found washed up on the beach in Clovelly, UK.”

4. “Someone made a sand hippo at the beach.”

5. “Las encontré a orillas del lago Michigan. Son fluorescentes bajo la luz ultravioleta.”

6. “Hundreds of these found scattered on the beach in Warrnambool, AUS. White star / clover shaped and lightweight. Does anyone know what this could be?”

7. “So I found these on a beach and I can’t find anything online. They are quite small but are super heavy so I am thinking they are lead. They weigh 93 grams each.”

8. “Treasure for sure.”

9. “This shark tooth I found on the beach.”

10. “A little beach gold always makes my day.”

11. “This perfectly square rock I found at the beach.”

12. “I first thought it was a piece of plastic. Opaque Jadeite glass found along Lake Huron.”

  • Jadeite and Uranium glass are two different things. Jadeite is opaque like this, while Uranium Glass (the stuff that glows under a black light) looks like regular glass with a slight green tinge. Under a black light though, it glows brightly. Jadeite doesn’t do that at all.. © Black-Sparrow / Reddit

13. “Gold and silver at the beach today. 14k and .925”

14. “I found this in a muddy stream in Lyme Regis when I was 11 years old. It’s an ammonite, about the size of my palm, approx 190 million years old — without a doubt the coolest thing I’ve ever found.”

15. “What is this thing? Marble like piece found on the beach in coastal Washington with an engraving.”

16. “Does anyone recognize this coin? Found necklace metal detecting at the beach.”

17. “This rock I found on Chesil Beach, UK, is perfectly round.”

18. “Boot that washed up on shore from the North Sea.”

19. “First gold!!!!!! Probably less than 50 hours into the hobby. 14k. Men’s wedding ring. Inscribed: 2 names and a date. At a freshwater beach. Using Bountyhunter Land Ranger. Will attempt to locate guy who lost it.”

20. “I found an old gold ring on a deserted beach on St. Croix, my first real possibly expensive find? Pirate treasure?”

21. “There are many of those on a beach in Sardinia, what is it?”

  • Those are for growing biological media in sewage treatment plants. They got flushed out by accident. Don’t touch them. © JohnProof / Reddit

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found in unexpected places? If you took a picture of it, feel free to share your treasure’s pic with the world.


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