15 People That Put Their Heart Into Their Tattoos

9 months ago

There are certain moments in our lives when we would like to stop time and just sit back and contemplate the scenery. But we know that nothing could be further from reality; that’s why there are those who have found tattoos the perfect way to immortalize people, pets, and even dates. For those who have had a dose of ink injected into their skin, it can be very special to take a look at their design and relive all the emotions and feelings of that time.

1. “My daughter drew a picture of me when she was 2 years old. Seven years later, and it’s on me forever.”

2. “Tattoo commemorating my mom using my favorite picture of us. She passed 2 weeks ago unexpectedly at only 46.”

3. “I got a letter from my 7 y.o. self as a tattoo to remind my 27 y.o. self to love myself a bit more.”

4. “Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, and Aries. My favorite constellations

5. “I’m a teacher, and the parent of one of my students is a tattoo artist. He gifted me a free tattoo for appreciation week, and I just had to take the chance to show my favorite Lego: Benny the Spaceman!”

6. “I asked my kids for ideas & my son said I should get the blue-ringed octopus because they remind him of me —tiny, cute, and very aggressive.”

7. “My first tattoo from the nickname ‘The gentleman frog’ given to me by my wife because of my big gut and skinny legs”

8. “My wife brought me a homemade, crocheted acorn on our first date. Really happy with the result!”

9. “Crayon drawing by my son tattooed on my arm”

10. “My mom passed away a few months ago... Got this tattoo today to remember all of our aimless drives listening to music together”

11. “I call this ’Nature merges with the digital world’ since I love plants and I am a programmer.”

12. “Behold my webbed (fused?) toe tattoo!”

13. “My 92 y.o. grandma got an infinity tattoo when she was 18.”

14. “I woke up to a puppy in my bed at 8 years old. For 15 years she was my best friend, and then I lost her back in May. Yesterday I got my first tattoo to remember her.”

15. “A little secret in my ear”

16. “My niece loves my tattoos, so I told her to draw something for me to get tattooed. She drew her cat with her signature.”


17. “My daughter was born with a dark birthmark, and I got it tattooed so we could be twinsies.”

18. “Three years ago, I met my half-sisters for the first time. Four days ago, we got matching tattoos. I have a family.”

19. “I got my children tattooed on me.”

20. “My first tattoo! My dad’s last heartbeats in a band around my left ankle”

21. “Tribute tattoo to my best friend who passed away”

Bonus: This tattoo artist uses their skills to cover scars with blossoms

This artist is a true gem! She works her magic at Tatuajes Tinta Norte, a cozy tattoo parlor located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Her tattoos are inspired by the beauty of nature — think enchanting flowers, majestic trees, and magnificent animals. But that’s not all! This artist is a wizard when it comes to permanent makeup — she can give you perfect eyebrows and luscious lips that will last a lifetime.

What’s truly special about her work is how she helps people feel more confident in their own skin. She has a knack for covering up surgery scars with breathtaking floral designs that are amazing. Her clients leave the studio feeling like a brand new person — with a newfound sense of confidence and pride in their bodies.


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