21+ Stars Who Prove That Age Is a Ladder to Reach the Peak of Beauty

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We’ve earned each wrinkle and grey hair, and it only makes sense to display them and take pride in their existence. And flaunting our signs of maturity rather than hiding them only adds to our attractiveness. Because it reflects our assertive personality and shows that we’re comfortable in our own skin. And that’s what truly matters in the end, because looking good always starts with feeling good.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a fan of those Hollywood celebrities who prove to us every day that aging is nothing to be feared of. On the contrary, maturity will only make us more irresistible.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis

2. Salma Hayek

3. Eric Dane

4. Jane Fonda

5. Patrick Dempsey

6. Andie MacDowell

7. Steve Carrell

8. Sarah Jessica Parker

9. Andy Cohen

10. Meryl Streep

11. Chris Pine

12. Jamie Lee Curtis

13. Pierce Brosnan

14. Mark Ruffalo

15. Robert De Niro

16. Diane Keaton

17. Morgan Freeman

18. Kyle MacLachlan

19. Ben Stiller

20. Jodie Foster

21. George Clooney

Do you agree that gray hair is irresistibly attractive? What other star would you add to this list?

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