21 Tattoos That Pay Tribute to a Meaningful Occasion

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Behind most tattoos, there is usually a story. They can symbolize a moment or a person, but we may also get them simply because they are beautiful. We’d like to present to you some people who opened their hearts and decided to share the story of what they have marked on their skin. But be warned, some of them are genuinely touching.

1. “My first tattoo. I think he approves.”

2. “My first tattoo, the sun is my fiancée.”

3. “Matching tattoos with my siblings. No matter the circumstances, we have each other for life.”

4. “Memorial for my son”

5. “Tattoo commemorating my mom, using my favorite picture of us. She passed 2 weeks ago unexpectedly at only 46.”

6. “A dedication to my grandma. She was my best friend. I lost her in September. A few weeks after I got back from taking care of her affairs, I found a voicemail on my phone from her.”

“It said, ‘Hi, it’s me. I’m fine, no need to call me back, okay? Okay, I love you. Bye-bye.’ I talked to her every day, sometimes twice a day. Last night, I had my grandma’s voicemail put on my arm. I’m fine...I love you.”

7. “I love my cat so much that I did this.”

8. “I dreamed of getting a tattoo like this for about 20 years. People can read it, smile, and even change their point of view.”

Oksana Zhukova / Facebook

9. “Got my first tattoo today! My mom is battling cancer and wanted to get matching tattoos.”

10. “When I was 17 years old, I suffered a terrible accident. I had two big scars on my arm, which everyone looked at and I was ashamed of. So I covered them up.”

Lena Cherniak / Facebook, Lena Cherniak / Facebook

11. “Since I’m deaf in one ear, I thought this was a friendly way to tell the world not to talk to me from the left.”

12. “My husband is the sun, and I’m the moon. Sometimes it’s the other way around, but we complement each other and try to be one.”

13. “Had gotten a kiwi tattoo with my chihuahua footprint in it; great concept but horrible work. Recently got it covered by a wonderful artist who saved the paw print and gave me a great piece of my soul pup.”

14. “My white rabbit tattoo for the birth of my daughter Alice.”

15. “Matching tattoos. A decade of friendship: one side of the square for each of us”

16. “Got this tattoo since my wife and I are going to be apart for the next while. She has a matching one.”

17. “My friend got a tattoo of her best friend, and he approves.”

18. “Portrait of my grandfather”

19. “My creepy dog”

20. “I just wanted to share my simple yet meaningful tattoo. It’s a semi truck outline with an eagle. My dad was a trucker since he was about 18 years old and absolutely loved eagles. So it’s kind of a tribute to him.”

21. When you carry his words forever with you

What’s the story behind your tattoo?


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