23 People Who Happened to Run Into a Celebrity by Pure Luck

2 years ago

Imagine that on any given day, fate decides to move a few pieces, makes the necessary moves, and then — that’s it. It gives you the satisfaction of finding yourself face to face with a movie star, a famous singer, or a celebrity in contexts and spaces you never expected. Well, there are people with luck on their side that have experienced this.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we want to infect you with a little bit of that luck, and for that, we made a selection of stories with proof that some people are not looking for a moment with their idols, but rather, that moment finds them.

  • I met this cool guy on a 5-hour plane ride. © SpaceGodziIIa / Reddit
  • One time I was shopping at Macy’s and the line to checkout was so long. I finally got to the front and realized I wasn’t even in a checkout line. I was accidentally in an autograph line to meet Alyssa Milano for a promo of her clothing line. © nikkidunagan / Twitter
  • Jeff Goldblum stopped my brother in LAX a few years back after commenting that they looked a lot alike. He was thrilled, to say the least (: © Cragg_Hackk / Reddit
  • In the 1990s, I worked at Disneyland at Captain EO, the Michael Jackson sci-fi film. A coworker told me MJ was in the building. Went to the back of the theater after the film started, and there he was, behind the curtain. I said, “You’re missing the best part.” He said, “Tee hee.” © xtina56 / Twitter
  • I met and played drums for Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards. She was as nice as can be! There were 50 drummers, 20 dancers, and 10 aerialists. After the dress run at 8 a.m., her people started grabbing us to “line up for pictures.” I was fully prepared for a group shot, which I thought was already quite generous, but instead saw she was taking individual pictures with every one of us.
    I told her about my then-3-year-old son jamming out to “Shake It Off” on repeat for almost 6 months straight. She said it was cute and she was glad he liked it.
    Lovely gal and earned a fan for life. © RLLRRR / Reddit
  • My grandma was a librarian in Mt. Vernon, NY Public Library for 50 years. Denzel Washington grew up there. If you’ve ever met her, she will tell you the story of how she gave Denzel Washington his first library card. And that he was the cutest thing and how wonderful he was. I have heard this story easily 300+ times in my life. :)
    Fast forward to a month ago and it was her ninety-ninth birthday. The women at her nursing home wanted to do something special so they tried to contact Denzel and get him to come or call, and he ended up calling and talking to her on her birthday. On the call, he said he would be in our city in December and would stop by, and voilá, here he is! He was so nice and caring. Laughing with her and holding her hand like he was old friends with her." © metalgamer / Reddit
  • Met the nicest guy at work today. © QuesaDEEZnuts / Reddit
  • My friend and I were at a Michael Buble concert in MN, we were by the stage, and trying to take a selfie with him behind us on stage. As we were doing it, he ran down some stairs and jumped right in behind us for the photo! © MaryCuddMorgan / Twitter
  • My dad with Robin Williams in Kandahar, Afghanistan (2010) © GenuineMong / Reddit
  • My parents had friends who knew Charley Pride. They invited him to a dinner party — he said he had a friend coming into town and could he bring him along? The dinner host said yes. Charley’s friend turned out to be Elvis Presley. © jmw3tx / Twitter
  • My son Neo met his namesake today. As a bonus, my name is Konstantin. © DerDieDas / Reddit
  • I’ve had a lifelong crush on Keanu Reeves. I lived in LA for 10 years and never had a run-in. Then I went to Paris and saw him, out and about, on his own, just waiting for me to walk into his life. But I chose not to because I don’t know how to be happy. © shaydars / Twitter
  • Met 007 this evening. He felt bad for interrupting my b-day party! © lunar_eyelash / Reddit
  • A friend of mine saw Bono Vox having lunch with a friend and asked for a picture. Bono’s friend was a little bit uneasy but took the pic. When my friend ordered the bill the owner said that Mr. Dylan took care of it. Bono’s friend was Bob Dylan and he didn’t recognize him!!! © caramori_lucio / Twitter
  • My dad with Muhammad Ali in the 1970s © bboymokei / Reddit
  • I once met my hero, Jim Carrey, at a restaurant where I worked. I gushed to him that The Grinch was my favorite and I knew every line, he asked me to “prove it.” I ended up doing an (awesome) impression of Jim Carrey to Jim Carrey. © Jordana93216620 / Twitter
  • I met Lady Gaga as a kid! I was 13 years old. One of the sponsors of the show I was at was Canon. I happened to have one of the newer Canon Powershot cameras and because of that the staff member there gave me the prize of a Lady Gaga meet and greet pass! Of course, I only had a few minutes with Gaga. She was very nice and told me to give her a kiss on the cheek. As a 13-year-old boy, I’m sure you can imagine this started my obsession, lol. Gaga was very nice, took the picture, and signed a promo picture for me. © JMadigan715 / Reddit
  • I met Patrick Stewart once. He’s the kindest celebrity I’ve ever met. © gbkenrc3 / Reddit
  • I was in sales for a pre-opening of a resort in CT. The “mean girls” in the department all went out to lunch without me. The front desk told me someone wanted to see the hotel for a future booking, so I had to give the tour. It was Katharine Hepburn! © irishheart2233 / Twitter
  • My friend’s face when she met Bryan Cranston... © SoullessJewJackson / Reddit
  • Remind me to tell you the story of when I met Billie Joe and Green Day backstage before at a concert at the Coliseum then getting thrown out by security then watching their whole set from backstage just 10 feet away from Billie Joe himself. © djbtv / Twitter

What about you, have you taken pictures with celebrities? By the way, the bearded man in the first photo is almost unrecognizable to the naked eye. Can you guess who he is? Let us know in the comment section.

Preview photo credit shaydars / Twitter, Knowyourmeme


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