26 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Trigger Your Creative Juices

year ago

Sometimes, the universe has a wacky way to keep us amused by means of timing. There are instances where a moment or an object is so perfectly synced with another object that it triggers our imagination, and then we label it funny or weird. Sometimes it can be a cloud perfectly aligned behind a leafless tree or a shadow of a garbage bag that shows itself as a silhouette of a man. We’ve gathered such perfect instances below for you to have fun with. Have a look!

1. “I’ll just take this.”

2. “This almost made me scream.”

3. “My girlfriend took a pic that made it look like I was trapped in the concrete.”

4. “The shutter speed made it look like the propeller was melting.”

5. “One of my luckiest moments while doing photography.”

6. “This pretty little dragonfly in my garden looks like it’s smiling.”

7. “The sunrise with the thick fog made downtown LA look like it was on fire.”

8. “Found a rock that looks like a Brussels sprout.”

9. “Who left their burger in the snow?”

10. “A scaleless corn snake with a natural ‘ace of hearts’ head stamp”

11. “I took a picture of a fantastic goose, but there was a pigeon right behind it that made it look like it had a unique beak.”

12. “The shadows make these eggs look mushy.”

13. “Giant bookshelf”

14. “Walked outside to this surprise! It looks like a rose, just formed by the wind!”

15. “It’s as if all the stars in the universe aligned because, just like them, you’ll never see this cat do this again in your life.”

16. “A perfectly aligned cloud tree.”

17. “An accidental reflection made it look like the gorilla took the kid.”

18. “The way this man was standing made it look like he had no head.”

19. “This beet looks like a human heart.”

20. “My bag looks like Jabba the Hutt.”

21. “My dog doesn’t have buck teeth. It’s the snow that made it look like he does.”

22. “The combination of sun and table made it look like I was wearing a fishnet.”

23. “The beluga plane looks exactly like a beluga.”

24. “The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender.”

25. “My favorite bar stools in the FQ.”

26. My daytime stockings


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