A Dad Got Viral Sharing His Raising Tips for Two Daughters to Find a Quality Men in Future

6 months ago

Meet Eric Taylor, a 34-year-old dad with a unique approach to relationships. While many parents tell their sons to share responsibilities, Eric is telling his daughters not to settle for less. He’s leading the “No Dusty Sons” movement, which means he wants his daughters to aim high in their relationships.

Different parenting approach.

Through viral videos, Eric is setting an example of how his daughters should expect to be treated by anyone in their lives. These videos show how he’s teaching his daughters to expect more and not settle for less.

In one touching video, Eric emphasizes the importance of giving his daughters space to express their feelings. He wants them to know that their emotions are valid and should not be dismissed by their future partners. Eric is teaching his daughters to expect emotional support, respect, and empathy in their relationships.

“Don’t ever tell her to calm down! First of all, it’s dismissing her feelings. Never do that, her emotions are valid and deserve to be voiced & heard. Second, it doesn’t work! Just gonna actually set her off, so take the time to understand her mind my guy.”

Encouraging good communication.

Eric explains some not obvious at first sight connection between physical and emotional protection: “Protection isn’t just about dispatching somebody trying to physically harm your family, it’s the heart and the mind as well. Be the provider of protection for who your baby is becoming, making sure nothing enters your walls that will destroy them. Put in the work my guy, choose your weapon and shield wisely.”

Each video has a different message and he proudly continues his approach in the rest of them. The story and the point that he’s trying to reach for the future of his daughters is clear, he wants his daughters to live in a healthy environment where their needs and choices are respected.

In another video, he’s trying to say that women should be allowed to express their frustration. “Never tell a woman to calm down. First of all, it doesn’t work. 2nd, you’re discounting real emotions because you don’t know how to handle or address someone else’s needs. Emotions aren’t dramatic my guy, sometimes we gotta turn up and emote to process and move forward. Learn to listen my guy.”

In one of the other notable highlights, he says that he allows his daughter to finish her thoughts so she knows her worth. “She won’t lose her voice because I’ll always make sure she’s heard.”

He also talks about relationships in the family.

In one of his videos, Eric emphasized the importance of his growth for the family: “If I ain’t growing then I’m slowing my family down. Took me a while to come to grips with this fact, the dusty lil boy in me was afraid to get in trouble. This would lead to me being fearful of doing things wrong and putting the blame on wifey or her feelings. It ain’t her fault if I choose to not face the truth and grow. Take the time to look inside and what do you, the good and the bad, and let’s be better men.”

As well as he talks about communication with the whole family members and respect to each other. And got a supportive comments: “I mean it’s the women’s choice who she marries. I won’t be marrying a man who doesn’t love his family/doesn’t love mine.”

One of the important places in the family relationships Eric gives to mental health. He shares: “Our mental health is our responsibility bro, handle it. If you can’t, reach out, don’t be afraid, you’re not alone.”

The importance of father-daughter relationships cannot be overstated. Fathers play a unique and influential role in their daughters’ lives, contributing to their emotional, social, and psychological well-being. A positive and supportive relationship with a father can have a lasting impact on a girl’s self-esteem and confidence.

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