A Woman Finally Proved People Saying Her Husband Is Too Attractive Wrong

There is an absolute truth in the world, and it is this: people like to stick their noses where they are not supposed to do so, especially if it has to do with criticizing the lives of others, either out of envy or a false sense of superiority. Couples like Alicia and Scott are no strangers to the issue, having to fight against people who judge the veracity of their loving relationship just because of the difference between their appearances. However, they share their happiness on social media to show everyone in the world that labels and sizes are just meaningless numbers when you really love someone.

Alicia McCarvell has become very popular on social media thanks to the funny couple content she posts and for promoting an attitude of self-love and positivity towards our bodies, no matter what size we are. Although she has millions of followers who admire her and follow her adventures, the truth is that she also receives a lot of criticism and hurtful comments regarding her relationship.

The content creator finally decided to speak out after sharing a video that went particularly viral, according to her, for all the wrong reasons. Alicia uploaded a trending transformation clip to her social media, where she and Scott first appeared in a towel and, right after, dressed up to go out.

The messages and comments she received were devastating. People who didn’t know the couple at all decided to weigh in on the relationship and how they thought it “didn’t make sense” since Scott has a muscular, gym-trained look, while Alicia is plus-sized.

The Canadian shared some of the assumptions she has to deal with daily: “’Oh, surely she wasn’t like that when they met,’ or ’she must be rich.’ We’ve been led to believe that someone who is physically fit, like Scott, could never be in love or compatible with a woman like me in a million years.”

Very few people know that Alicia and Scott have a sweet 16-year love story. They fell in love when they were in school and have come a long road of ups and downs where they have always supported each other, celebrating their affection and respect for each other at every stage of their lives.

Alicia revealed that when she lost her job and was at a crossroads, her husband became her biggest support, willing to do whatever it took for her to find herself and pursue her dreams. And that’s how the idea of posting funny videos of their life as a couple came about, as they highlighted that they constantly laugh together. Scott was sure that everyone would love his wife’s charming personality, just like he does.

Although for Alicia becoming a content creator was the best decision and has earned her millions of followers, she has also learned great lessons of self-love after interacting with people from all over the world. She revealed that for a long time, she used to think the same way as other people, feeling that she didn’t deserve Scott’s love, “I thought that if I didn’t like myself, how could he like me?”

Alicia also admitted that her lack of self-confidence and self-esteem made her marriage very difficult. However, thanks to the path of acceptance and pride she embarked on, she realized that the view she had of herself was not at all the way Scott saw her. One of her main pieces of advice is to stop assuming that our partner sees us with the same eyes with which we see ourselves.

The woman also acknowledged that her husband’s love has never wavered; however, she has been the one who has changed her view of the relationship, and this has finally allowed him to love her the way he had always wanted to.

That’s why currently Alicia has decided to respond to the criticism they receive on social media by educating people about false beauty standards and the true value of people. “The world looks at us and immediately gives more value to Scott than to me,” the influencer shared.

She confessed that her husband receives messages from women hinting that he should be with someone like them. “Me telling myself for most of our relationship that I am not worthy of his love because of my body is exactly the same as these women telling him that they’re worthy of him because of their body,” she stressed.

Alicia also shared that one of the most frequent questions she gets is whether she feels jealous because of the attention Scott receives. However, the Canadian affirmed that she feels very confident in her relationship, as she knows that her husband values her humor, commitment, and huge heart, which have absolutely nothing to do with her looks.

Alicia encourages people to look beyond physical appearance and find the qualities that truly make people who they are. The influencer is aware that society places too much value on beauty standards because it is something we have acquired over many years. However, she also insists that we can change that, and it is everyone’s responsibility to break down prejudices.

Why do you think it’s so hard for people to believe that what couples like Alicia and Scott have is something real?


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