Brad Pitt Has Already Turned 60, But His Ageless Charm Can Reveal More Secrets About Being a «Pretty Face»

2 months ago

Even as Brad Pitt turns 60, he’s still got that special something that makes people of all ages admire him. His charm doesn’t seem to fade with time. From his early days in movies to now, he’s kept a cool and attractive vibe that makes him a favorite. Turning 60 doesn’t seem to change a thing for Brad Pitt. He’s a timeless guy who proves that being charming is about more than just looks.

Brad Pitt is not ’running’ from aging.

Brad Pitt is boldly challenging the societal obsession with ’anti-aging’ as he advocates for a more grounded approach to growing older. As a seasoned figure in the spotlight, Pitt intimately understands the relentless pressure to maintain a youthful facade. “It’s a concept we can’t escape, and I would like to see our culture embracing it a bit more, talking about it in those terms,” he affirmed.

Pitt advocates for a paradigm shift, urging individuals to “age healthy” and approach the inevitable passage of time with a focus on well-being. In his words, “I don’t know about running from aging, but this idea of being more health-minded is something I’m interested in.

Pitt would take advice, from his previous partners, over skin care.

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When it comes to skincare, Brad Pitt values the advice of his past partners. Candidly sharing his approach, he notes, “Usually whatever my female partner had, and they were pretty good about it.” Pitt acknowledges the influence of his previous partners, who would often recommend skincare products with comments like, “You should try this,” or “You really need some of this.”

Reflecting on his relationships, he reveals, “Aniston keeps sending me stuff. I haven’t tried [her haircare], but she sent it. She’s all over it, I trust her. Paltrow is all over it too. I’ll call her up, ‘I need a tip,’ [then it’s] approved or not approved.” This glimpse into Pitt’s skincare routine not only underscores his openness to trusted advice but also highlights the enduring friendships he maintains with his ex-partners.

His wellness routine is simple.

At 59, Brad Pitt maintains a refreshingly simple approach to wellness, embodying a philosophy centered on practicality. He articulates his routine as, “Trying to stay physical, try to eat healthy a little bit, try to stay creative.” Despite the demands of work and filming, Pitt credits his makeup artist friend of three decades, for helping him maintain his skin’s health.

In acknowledging her efforts, he explains, “I have a makeup artist friend of 30 years who’ll always bring new stuff for healthy skin, with more of a skin care rather than a beauty focus, like masks with red lights.” Pitt is candid about his preference for simplicity, admitting, “I’ll try, but I can’t commit, it’s too much work. During films, she’ll keep me relatively healthy, she’ll do a regiment. I want it simple, I think it’s true of most guys.”

Some interesting facts about Brad Pitt.

Over his lengthy career, Brad Pitt has become an iconic figure. Despite his fame, there are still some surprising and unknown facts about him.

  • Brad purposely went to a dentist to make his front teeth a bit damaged for his role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. After finishing the movie, his teeth were fixed and made perfect again.
  • In 1995, Brad Pitt spent a day in a psychiatric ward in Philadelphia to gather information for his role as a mental patient in the movie Twelve Monkeys.
  • To pleasantly surprise Jennifer Aniston, who has Greek roots, Brad Pitt took secret Greek lessons.
  • Brad Pitt has mentioned that he frequently eats onscreen in movies because he enjoys staying occupied and engaged in his roles.
  • Brad Pitt has a collection of classic cars, showcasing his passion for vintage automobiles. He’s often spotted at car shows and auctions, indulging in his love for timeless automotive treasures.

He’s a timeless guy who proves that being charming is about more than just looks and age. His lasting appeal shows that some people have a special quality that doesn’t get old, no matter how many birthdays they celebrate. Brad Pitt is not just a Hollywood star, he’s a person who leaves a mark on the world and in the hearts of those who appreciate him.


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