David Beckham’s Bond with His Daughter Sparks Conversations. Their Relationship is Called Unhealthy

6 months ago

People have been discussing David Beckham’s relationship with his daughter Harper for a while now. Online commentators have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the football star kisses his teenage daughter on the lips and often shares these photos with his followers. However, Beckham himself is not bothered by the negative comments and continues to post videos with his daughter.

David doesn’t let haters keep him from showing love for his daughter.

The famous footballer treated his baby girl to a Harry Styles concert at Wembley Stadium. Beckham not only accompanied his daughter to the concert of her dreams, but also matched with her in a pink boa.

David recorded the sweetest clip of him and Harper singing to Harry Styles. Harper was clearly immensely enjoying herself, and her dad looked like he was having an excellent time as well, singing along with her. The clip ended with Harper giving her dad a quick peck on the lips, which melted our hearts, as it always does.

People’s reactions were refreshingly positive.

In the past, whenever David would post a photo or video of himself kissing his daughter, there would always be debates about whether or not it was appropriate for him to do it on the lips. David even had to explain his actions. He shared that he kisses all of his children on the lips as a way to show affection and support. There’s no reason to doubt David’s fatherly feelings; he and Victoria are exemplary parents.

This new video, however, gathered a lot of praise:

  • “Love their relationship, she’s a real daddy’s girl, and he’s totally besotted with her.” — _ninasbakery_ / Instagram
  • “If Becks ain’t father of the year then there is something wrong.” — gtp335 / Instagram

Without a doubt, we join all of these comments and completely agree that their bond is one that every father should strive for.

David is not the only celebrity who kisses his children on the lips and shares sweet photos. His wife, Victoria, does the same. Similar pictures can be found on the accounts of Kim Kardashian, Aishwarya Rai, Jessica Alba, and Stacy Solomon. However, the public’s reaction to these photos is not always positive. Many commentators refer to the opinions of psychologists on this matter.

Psychologists unanimously state that such displays of affection may not be the best idea. This can lead to psychological trauma in children and other consequences. You can read more about this in detail here.

Preview photo credit davidbeckham / Instagram


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