“Harry Potter” Star Bonnie Wright, 32, Announced the Peculiar Name of Her First Child and Called Birth the Wildest Experience

4 months ago

Actress Bonnie Wright, renowned for her portrayal of Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, joyfully welcomed her first child with the spouse, Lococo. On September 19, Bonnie gave birth to a baby boy. And is fully in her new mom life arrangement.

The two welcomed their baby and were overjoyed.

The 32-year-old actress had first confirmed news of her pregnancy in April of this year. “Andrew and I can’t wait to meet our baby later this year and become parents,” she wrote in the Instagram post. And now the two proud parents finally welcomed their baby into the world with a touching announcement: “Andrew and I are so in love with our sun!”

She introduced her new bundle of joy to the world as well as the name she has chosen: “Say hello to Elio Ocean Wright Lococo, born at home on Tuesday 19th September. We’re all healthy and happy.” She also thanked her birth team who had “held our hands throughout and made the journey so joyous and expanding”. And added: “Birth is the wildest experience!”

The new mom also wrote an emotional tribute to her husband, saying: “Lastly thanks to Andrew my rock throughout birth quite literally as I squeezed onto you so tight, and you never wavered. Elio has the most tender loving papa.” The two first met in 2020 and got married in March 2022.

Now, the actress is busy with the arrangement of a newborn’s life.

On her YouTube channel, Bonnie shares videos, talking about newborn essentials. She said: “I am having a baby! Like any decision or chapter in my life I try to navigate it through concepts I outline in my book Go Gently. Making informed consumer and lifestyle choices that nurture the planet, myself, my community and now my new growing family”.

She is very excited about a new life for their family: “Birthing a child and raising one is a very personal journey and no baby or parent is the same. I cannot wait to share more on my journey becoming a mother and explore ways to be more resourceful and creative in the process”.

Bonnie’s Harry Potter movie husband, Daniel Radcliffe, has also recently welcomed his first baby. Yes, our favourite actors have changed a lot through the years, but we love them the same. And it is always thrilling to hear something new about the Harry Potter universe.


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