«If They Can’t Fully Accept Me, They’re Not for Me,» Claims Woman Who Chose Not to Shave Body Hair at All

3 months ago

Many people think women should have smooth, hairless skin to be beautiful. But one 34-year-old woman from Mexico, Aria Loca, disagrees. She believes having body hair is natural and nothing to hide. She shared her story online and many people liked it. She showed that being yourself is beautiful, whether you’re smooth or fuzzy.

One singer inspired her.

Aria’s journey to self-acceptance began at the age of 21 when she decided to ditch the razor blade after being inspired by Patti Smith. On her iconic Easter album cover, we can see the singer proudly displaying her hairy armpits. Tired of conforming to unrealistic beauty standards, Aria made a conscious choice to let her body hair grow freely, regardless of societal expectations.

Despite facing puzzled looks and occasional criticism from strangers, Aria remains firm in her commitment to her natural appearance. What’s more surprising is the overwhelming support she receives from men online, who are enamored by her bushy style. Daily messages sharing the love for her fuzzy legs and armpits flood her inbox, demonstrating that there is a significant portion of society that appreciates authenticity over conformity.

Her dating life hasn’t always been easy.

However, Aria’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly in her dating life. She recalls being in a relationship with someone who couldn’t accept her hairy look, leading her to shave in an attempt to please them. But she quickly realized that compromising her authenticity for the sake of others was not worth it. Now, she stands firm in her belief: «If they can’t fully accept me, they’re not for me, and I’m not for them.»

Her TikTok page became viral.

Through her TikTok page, @vivalahippieloca, Aria has become a source of body positivity, inspiring others to embrace their natural selves. Reflecting on her journey, she reveals that many of her friends secretly envy her self-assurance, expressing their own desires to abandon the razor. She shared that her friends are too scared of what others will say if they keep their body hair. This feeling highlights a common struggle faced by many individuals who feel constrained by societal expectations, yet lack the courage to break free from conventional beauty standards.

People split on two camps.

Some people were inspired by her confidence and courage to embrace her natural self.

Some expressed their skepticism.

But Aria is continuing to prove that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and even with a hairy body.

Lots of women around the world, including some celebrities, are choosing not to shave. This means they’re leaving the hair on their bodies as it is. And it’s becoming more and more normal. They’re showing that you can be confident and beautiful with or without body hair. It’s all about doing what feels right for you.


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