Woman Just Stopped Razoring, Because She Was “Frustrated With Having to Remove Hair for No Apparent Reason”

5 months ago

Eldina, a young woman from Copenhagen, decided one day not to shave her upper lip hair, pluck her eyebrows or remove body hair. She finds it amusing that people see it as a decision, saying, that she just didn’t do anything. She shares her journey in social media and inspires a lot of women all over the world.

It is something that happened gradually.

Eldina’s decision to ditch the razor wasn’t an impulsive one. She shared, “I became increasingly frustrated with having to remove hair for no apparent reason. I see men go outside without removing hair, so why do I have to?”

This revelation was a gradual process, driven by a desire to challenge societal expectations. “I’m not against shaving or removing hair, but it’s the expectation that every woman should do it all the time that annoys me,” she said.

Many women resonate with her story.

Eldina’s story resonates with many women who feel pressured to conform: “A lot of women have written me and told me that they also feel pressure to remove all of their body hair, even though they don’t want to. But they feel pressured by society to do so, or have been bullied for having hair on their bodies.”

But there are still a lot of people who don’t understand her choice.

Although Eldina raises burning issues about freedom of choice, there are those who are committed to beauty standards and express their disapproval openly, sometimes in the most uncomfortable and provocative ways.

Under the photo with Eldina in a restaurant, some woman wrote: “If I see her in a restaurant, I won’t eat.” And some still trying to express their opinion in incentive form, like this man: “Please please get rid of the unibrow.”

“A lot of women have written to me, saying that they felt like they were the only woman with facial hair or with prominent body hair.” Despite receiving negative messages, she emphasized the absurdity, noting, “It’s really strange because a man wouldn’t go viral for having prominent eyebrows, so why would I?

She reinforces the importance of being true to ourselves.

Eldina advocates for being true to oneself. She wisely said, “If people don’t like you, you can always find new friends.” Her message reinforces the importance of authenticity and not seeking approval from those who don’t appreciate one’s true self.

In the realm of dating, Eldina views her unique look as a blessing, helping her filter out conservative individuals from the start. She shared, “If anything, I get more positive attention and I get to weed out the more conservative people from the beginning.

Beauty standards are always changing.

Eldina challenges conventional beauty norms, stating, “Beauty standards are super random. They change all the time.” Her perspective encourages individuals, especially women, to question societal expectations and embrace their uniqueness. “I can’t see why there is such an expectation for people, especially women, to fit into these standards.

She also expressed a simple truth: “I look like a human look.”

There are still lots of beauty standards that don’t make sense anymore, and it’s time to let go of them. It’s important to embrace diverse ideas of beauty and appreciate everyone just as they are.


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