“I’ve Been Driven to Push My Physicality to Inhuman Proportions,” Zac Efron Revealed What His Body Changes Cost Him

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Zac Efron is known for his dedication as an actor. He’s willing to transform his body to play different roles, no matter how difficult. From his memorable performance in High School Musical to his latest portrayal as wrestler Kevin Von Erich in The Iron Claw, Zac Efron consistently mesmerizes audiences with his dedication to bringing authenticity to his roles on screen.

He made a big change to his body for his latest role.

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In his latest endeavor, The Iron Claw, Zac Efron embraces his most challenging role yet. Portraying the complex character of Kevin Von Erich, Efron delves into themes of strength and familial strife, delivering a performance that promises to resonate deeply with audiences. To embody the role, Efron underwent a rigorous physical transformation, emerging with a physique that epitomizes dedication and discipline.

Playing Kevin Von Erich led Efron to deeply think about what it means to be masculine. Critics are praising Efron for his performance in the movie. It’s all about masculinity, which made the star think about his own views on the topic. He also had to embrace a very traditional idea of being a man for the role.

He opened up about how the film changed how he sees things: «It’s interesting because I think the definition of masculinity is always changing. It’s ever evolving, and this story drew on a specific type of masculinity that I felt I could identify with. It was something that, for some reason, was close to me. There’s been various times of my life, whether it’s for a role or even just for myself, where I’ve been driven to push my physicality to different inhuman proportions, and it’s taken a hold at times.»

Zac Efron has pushed himself to transform his physique before.

While The Iron Claw marks Efron’s latest physical transformation, it is not his first foray into reshaping his body for a role. In the 2017 film Baywatch, Efron underwent a significant metamorphosis, solidifying his reputation as a committed performer. Transitioning from a vegan diet to intermittent fasting, Efron embraced a holistic approach to fitness, prioritizing both nutrition and training.

Efron’s dedication to his craft has not been without its challenges. The intense demands of preparing for Baywatch took a toll on his physical and mental well-being, leading to struggles with sleep and mental health. Reflecting on this experience, Efron acknowledges the importance of balance and self-care, recognizing the need to prioritize holistic wellness amid the pressures of performance.

«I started intermittent fasting just after I stopped being vegan. My body wasn’t processing the vegetables in the right way,» he explained.

Starting his day with a burst of cardio, he breaks his fast around 11 am with a nourishing spread: bone broth soup alongside a colorful array of vegetables and «clean proteins» such as elk and chicken. As the sun sets, his evening meal takes center stage, featuring a hearty portion of meat accompanied by wholesome carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or quinoa.

In a delightful twist, he’s reintroduced organ meats into his diet, expressing a fondness for the classic combo of liver and onions. Since his Baywatch days, Zac has transformed, adopting numerous healthier habits to sculpt his physique with greater emphasis on well-being

His daily schedule caused him to experience problems sleeping and feelings of depression.

Jeremy Allen White, who starred alongside Zac Efron in The Iron Claw, couldn’t help but admire Efron’s unwavering commitment to his craft. Speaking to Esquire, White lauded Efron, describing him as a «maniac» in the best possible way, showcasing unparalleled focus and expertise in training and dieting.

Efron’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle began with the demanding physical and mental challenges he faced during his transformation for Baywatch. The toll it took on him was immense, leading to sleep disturbances and a prolonged battle with depression.

Despite the flawless appearance, the person’s health was in chaos.

The aftermath of this intense experience left Efron feeling burnt out and struggling to regain his footing. Reports suggested that prolonged use of diuretics contributed to his difficulties. Following the completion of filming, Efron made a deliberate decision to step back from acting, allowing himself to relax and intentionally deviate from his usual fitness regimen for the first time in years.

Zac Efron faces challenges head-on and grows from them. He’s always pushing himself as an actor and as a person. Each role he takes invites viewers to explore themselves and rethink what it means to be strong and true on screen.

It’s quite common for actors to undergo extensive physical changes, adjusting their bodies and appearances to suit the roles they’re portraying on screen. Sometimes we can barely recognize them, and this is a really fantastic job.


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