Morena Baccarin Reveals Why She Hated Shooting an Intimate Scene with Ryan Reynolds

11 months ago

As avid viewers, we have all experienced those captivating moments where the on-screen chemistry between our beloved characters completely engulfs us. However, the reality for the actors involved is not always as seamless. In fact, they often encounter rather distressing circumstances behind the scenes.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin sharing the screen in the blockbuster hit, Deadpool.

Morena Baccarin and Ryan Reynolds joined forces to deliver a memorable performance in the box office hit, Deadpool, where they portrayed the enamored couple that captured the hearts of many. Baccarin flawlessly embodied the character of Vanessa, the girlfriend of Reynolds’ character, Wade Wilson, also known as the wisecracking anti-hero Deadpool.

Their chemistry was palpable, and their tumultuous relationship kept viewers on the edge of their seats, earning them the title of the ultimate power couple of the movie.

However, despite the on-screen magic, Baccarin recently disclosed that behind the scenes, things were far from the joyful experience that fans witnessed. While she enjoyed filming the movie, the actress admitted that it was not as enjoyable for her as it appeared to be.

Many would consider kissing Ryan Reynolds a dream come true, but Morena had a different experience.

In a recent interview, the Gotham actress, Morena Baccarin, candidly expressed her less-than-enthusiastic feelings about sharing a kiss with the 46-year-old heartthrob, Ryan Reynolds. Baccarin revealed that the experience was rather uncomfortable for her, as Reynolds’ full-body superhero suit emitted a strong rubbery odor throughout the entire scene.

In addition to the physical discomfort, Morena also revealed that the costume hindered her ability to connect with Ryan Reynolds on an emotional level. The actress confessed that not being able to see Reynolds’ face behind the mask made it challenging to establish a genuine connection.

However, she went on to reveal that once Reynolds removed the mask, and she could see his captivating eyes, the magic happened, and it became much easier for her to connect with the character.

The intimate scenes took an extended period to film, and Morena detested the experience.

Morena shared her overall positive experience while filming Deadpool, with the exception of the two days dedicated to shooting the intimate scenes. Her recollection of the experience was, “It took 2 days to shoot the intimate scene because I think it was us making sweet love for an entire calendar year. So it was all the holidays, you know. So we dressed differently for each one.”

The awkwardness of filming intimate scenes was not solely expressed by Morena, as Ryan also candidly shared his experience. In his own words, Ryan described the process as “horrifying.” He elaborated, “It was a year’s worth of intimacy in one day. Which sounds a lot more romantic than it is, trust me.”

Although intimate scenes may appear effortless on screen, the reality is that filming such scenes can be a daunting task for many actors. Emilia Clarke, who starred in Game of Thrones, candidly revealed that she even shed tears before filming intimate scenes with co-star Jason Momoa.


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