My Husband Admitted He Can’t See Me As a Romantic Partner Anymore After He Saw What I Did During Childbirth

4 months ago

Bringing a baby into the world isn’t an easy journey, and it’s something every man should be ready for when preparing for a shared delivery experience. Today, we have a woman who had a happy life like a fairy tale until she had her long-awaited baby. She reached out to us telling about a challenging situation that unfolded in her family during the childbirth process.

The woman’s connection with her husband had been fantastic throughout, but they went through tough period.

A 35-year-old woman named Alison recently shared a heartfelt letter with our editorial team, recounting her deeply personal and simultaneously intense family saga. In her letter, Alison began by expressing the enduring happiness of her 10-year marriage to Jack. Their love story, she detailed, blossomed from childhood friendship to a romantic connection.

They began dating at the age of 15 and tied the knot at 25. She openly shared that Jack had always been more than a husband — he was her closest confidant, cherished partner, and true soulmate. Together, they weathered numerous challenges, steadfastly supporting each other through thick and thin.

The saddest part for their family was that they couldn’t have kids for a really long time. Alison shared, «Jack and I always wanted a bunch of kids and a big home before we got married. It was our dream, but it took a while to come true.» She explained that they tried to have a baby for six years, and every time the test said «no,» it felt like a little bit of heartbreak for both of them.

Just when they thought about adopting, something amazing happened — Alison got pregnant. Excitedly, she said, «I couldn’t believe it when I saw a positive test. I took 15 tests that night, just to make sure I was really going to be a mom!»

The couple was getting ready to be parents, and their happiness was unbreakable.

Alison told Jack she was pregnant, and he was super happy. He started planning everything — picking baby things, throwing a party to know the baby’s gender, and fixing up the baby’s room.

Alison mentioned, «Jack really wanted to be there when the baby is born. I was a bit unsure because he’s sensitive and doesn’t handle icky stuff well. I tried telling him that giving birth is not all fun, but he was really excited about being there. So, I said, okay.»

The couple learned they were having a baby girl. Jack always wanted a daughter, calling her Alison’s «mini-me» because he loved his wife so much.

Even though Alison was excited about having a baby girl, she wanted Jack to attend parenting classes with her. He thought it wasn’t necessary and focused on picking out baby stuff like clothes and nursery decorations. Alison kept asking him to be more involved, but he said preparing for the baby was more of a woman’s thing, and he didn’t feel stressed about becoming a dad, so he stayed away from it.

Everything has changed dramatically in the delivery room.

Alison continues her story, sharing that everything was okay until the day she went into labor. She said, «When I felt it was time to have the baby, it was around midnight. Jack was asleep, so I woke him up and told him we had to hurry to the hospital. He was really organized, doing everything in a careful and well-planned way.»

However, once they got to the delivery room, that’s when things took a turn. Alison admitted, «At one point during labor, I pushed really hard, and well, I accidentally pooped. It’s something I knew could happen sometimes, but Jack clearly wasn’t expecting that.»

Alison remembers with emotion, «I saw my dear husband, my best friend and soulmate, quickly leaving the delivery room, pinching his nose with his fingers. I was completely surprised by his reaction, but my focus had to be on bringing my baby into the world. So, I did my best to push out a healthy and very much loved little human.»

The relationship between spouses started to decline after that day in a delivery room.

Alison wrote that when Jack held their baby girl Rachel for the first time, he was really happy and smiling. But when he looked at Alison, he seemed distant and bothered.

After they brought the baby home, Jack started acting cold toward Alison. She wanted to talk about it, and he admitted he couldn’t see her as his romantic partner anymore, even though he was grateful she was the mother of their child. Alison asked if it was because of what happened during labor, and Jack said yes, it was hard for him to forget that moment.

Alison ended her letter feeling lost about what to do. She thought about getting a divorce because their relationship felt distant, and she even suspected Jack might be interested in someone else.

Alison’s labor story is not unique, and that what were saying people in comment to a similar case.

  • She has nothing to be embarrassed about, but she is, and he should respect that. And really, she also ’pushed out’ a baby, isn’t that what his memory should be not the consequential accident Can’t imagine living with someone who has so little regard for me and for my feelings. © jjjxtzjjj / The Independent
  • Divorce the immature moron unless he apologises and never belittles her again. © Liesoftheright / The Independent

Having a baby is tough, especially giving birth. Support is crucial not only during delivery but also postpartum. It’s fantastic when a husband has a mature attitude, being there for the woman during labor and providing support afterward.

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