A Wife Wittily Taught Her Husband a Lesson After He Claimed Pregnancy Was Not His Problem

6 months ago

In recent years, an increasing number of expectant fathers are actively providing support to their partners during pregnancy and childbirth. This not only benefits men’s health but also has a positive impact on women and their prospective children. Nevertheless, as a Reddit user discovered firsthand, some partners may not be adequately prepared for the challenges associated with welcoming a baby into the world.

The story of a woman from Reddit

One day, this text appeared on Reddit. It was written by a woman in desperate need of advice and support:

My husband & I are expecting. This is our first baby and we’re excited. Thing is he barely attends any doctor appointments with me and his excuses aren’t even valid. He’s willing to miss the doctor appointment over soccer or board game with friends. His response is always, “I’m not the one carrying the baby, why do I have to go see the doctor with you?”.

Last week was my final straw. He was supposed to come with me for the baby’s gender reveal appointment, but he chose to not come last minute because his friend invited him to fish ’n’ chips meal. I was pretty livid but didn’t make a fuss about it. Mom went with me instead.

He texted asking me to tell him the results (boy or girl), but I refused to tell him. He kept spam calling me, but I hung up each time. He came home fuming demanding I tell him the results, but I refused. I bluntly told him since he refused to attend the appointment then he gets no results til after the baby’s born and said I was wiling to die on this hill.

He went off calling me spiteful and immature for doing this and punishing him. He said he’s the father and has the right to know. He then called me dramatic since I wasn’t alone and mom was with me. I said he gets no results period.

He’s been fuming about it and told his family, and they’re now pressuring me to stop playing mind games with him and tell him, but I declined.

Supporting strangers on the internet

This story generated thousands of comments. People from different countries, each with their own life experiences, tried to help the pregnant woman:

The story continues

Suddenly, a few days later, the story had a sequel. The author has added below what happened next in her life:

  • Hi! So, first of all, wow! I did not expect this to blow up. Sorry, can’t answer any comments because of feeling overwhelmed. I just wanted to mention that my husband just attempted to contact my doctor to get the results. It didn’t go well and we had another argument over it. He couldn’t get it since his mom was the one who made the call. © Thrownoreveal1 / Reddit

No matter how much they prepare for their new role, expectant parents do not always realise that the arrival of a child will change their lives forever. Being a mother and father is like a rollercoaster ride. And only mutual support and respect can help them cope with this challenge. We hope that this couple will find their way to each other and become the best parents for their baby.

Preview photo credit Tim Pierce / Flickr, CC BY 2.0 DEED


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