My Neighbor Freaked Out on Me as I Went Braless, but I Responded with a Refined Revenge

3 months ago

Occasionally, our neighbors can appear to be a really weird persons. Some people just seem to complain about everything, which can be a bit annoying. Recently, a woman wrote to us about a strange complaint from her neighbor. But instead of getting mad, she responded in a clever way that probably left their neighbor surprised.

A woman sent us her really interesting story, which was almost like a drama.

A 20-year-old woman sent a letter to our editorial team. She shared a recent incident and described her unique response to it. The woman explained that she resides in a college dorm where accommodation is arranged by gender, with all-female floors. She revealed ongoing conflicts with her neighbors, who happen to be her fellow groupmates. Living next door, they constantly complained about various issues.

She wrote, «Sometimes, it really looked like these 4 ladies hated me, for nothing. I barely talked to them, and we hadn’t had anything in common with them. I can’t remember doing anything wrong to them, but they would still always tease me and complain about me to our principals. I tried to remain calm, always ignoring their remarks and complaints, until one day.»

She encountered the most ridiculous accusation from her dormitory neighbors.

The young lady continued her story, mentioning a girl named Donna who acted as the leader among their group of complainers. Donna had been mean to her since they first met in the dorm, always finding something to complain about.

She shared, «Donna has a boyfriend, who doesn’t attend our college, and, despite the strict rules for visitors, they breach all of them, and he comes to her room regularly. I knew about that, and I was never complaining about this, because I didn’t want to be like these people. But Donna was purposefully provoking me for some reactions.»

«She was spreading the rumors that I was a light-minded person and that I was trying to seduce her boyfriend, which wasn’t true at all, I just didn’t care about him and I even didn’t pay attention on what he actually looked like. If someone asked me to point at him in a crowd, I’d never do that, because I wouldn’t even recognize him. All these rumors were just rumors, and Donna was trying to make a stir, obviously, and to grab some of other people’s attention.»

Donna paid a lot of attention to the clothes our heroine wore.

The woman wrote, «One day, I left my room and went down the hall to the water fountain. I refilled my water bottle, and returned back to my room. At that moment, I was wearing a red tank top and no bra. My top was fitted, but it wasn’t see through. There was a group of people hanging out in the hall, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention. An hour later, I got a violent knock on the door and there was Donna, and she was shouting at me from the beginning.»

The woman goes on, saying, «Donna was totally furious, and she shouted that if I go out into the hall again I must put a bra on. She said that her boyfriend was out there, and he was staring at me.»

The woman admitted that she has always been super non-confrontational, but this time she was fuming. She didn’t show her emotions at that moment, but she already knew what to do next.

The woman quickly sought revenge in a small but satisfying way.

Initially, the woman, feeling fed up, attempted to find a compromise. She wrote a letter expressing her willingness to resolve the situation, «I saw no problem in wearing a bra, but then I just thought that this unfair attitude would go on and on, until I react to it somehow. Next time they would complain about anything else, not less absurd than this time. I wasn’t just ready for this, I wanted to live a normal life from then on. So, I did what Donna wanted me to do, but in my own way.»

The woman revealed, «As soon as Donna asked me to wear a bra, I did this next time I left my room. But I was wearing jeans and my sports bra, and nothing else. So, technically, I did what she wanted me to do, I wore a bra.»

«Her eyes were very wide when she saw me going to the bathroom like this. But she didn’t say anything anymore. She was obviously shocked and couldn’t provide any arguments against my actions. The floor was all-female, no men were ever allowed there, and if she was the person who breached the rules, she was the one who would handle the consequences then.»

Living with neighbors or roommates can be tough because they might do strange things that annoy you. It’s important to speak up for yourself and set boundaries to make sure you’re comfortable.

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