Sarah Jessica Parker’s Birdcage Outfit Concern People With Two Things

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Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her amazing style. She always looks stunning in her iconic outfits. This year, at the Met Gala, she was no exception. Her red carpet look showed off her unique fashion sense. But some people have a very special sense of humor to comment on Parker’s outfit choice.

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Sarah Jessica Parker totally stole the show at the Met Gala with her amazing birdcage-inspired outfit. Not only did it fit the theme “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” perfectly, but it also nailed the event’s official dress code, “Garden of Time.”

She rocked a cream-colored dress designed by British fashion guru Richard Quinn. The dress had intricate lace and crystal details that were just stunning.

She topped it off with a hat featuring a cool gold piece, a long pearl necklace, and lots of sparkly accessories. And those nude heels with crystal-studded stockings? Talk about glam! Of course, social media couldn’t resist chiming in with some funny takes on her look.


People had different things to say, but it was the admirers who spoke up first. They showed their appreciation or support early on, even if others had different opinions. And some even added the reference to Sarah’s most famous TV show character.

But, of course, the internet wouldn’t be complete without a dash of humor. Observers playfully remarked on the whimsical nature of her dress, with quips like, “Ma’am, the Kentucky Derby was yesterday.” Another teased, “Off to the races,” while a witty netizen pondered, “I began to wonder: was I really dressing for the Met, or was I late to the Kentucky Derby? Love it.”

The Met Gala is like a dreamland for fashion designers. They get to show off all their wildest ideas and creations. Sometimes, the outfits worn by celebrities are so different and unique that they spark a lot of debate. For example, this year, people couldn’t stop talking about Camila Cabello’s purse or Nicole Kidman’s dress. Everyone has their own opinions about what’s stylish and what’s not, and the Met Gala is where those opinions collide.

Preview photo credit DPRF / STAR MAX / IPx / Associated Press / East News, ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News


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