Mom of Baby With a Rare Birthmark Is Dedicated To Celebrating Her Unique Beauty

6 months ago

Nicole Lucas Hall might seem like your average mom working at a school, taking care of her husband and two kids, Asher and Winry. But here’s the twist: their lives are anything but ordinary. Because their baby girl, Winry, was born with a big birthmark on her face. Instead of hiding away, Nicole and her husband are boldly spreading awareness about this condition on social media. They’re on a mission to make the world understand and accept Winry’s unique feature. Get ready to be amazed by their extraordinary journey!

Winry’s parents knew nothing about these birthmarks before she was born.

Winry’s arrival into the world was swift and smooth, a stark contrast to Nicole’s previous childbirth experience. When she was born, her parents initially mistook the spot on her face for a bruise. Nicole was overjoyed to hold her baby right away. However, the joy quickly turned to confusion and surprise after Winry’s first feeding. Nicole realized that the dark spot on her daughter’s face wasn’t a bruise but a unique birthmark, unlike anything she had ever seen before.

In the recovery room, a doctor visited the family and explained that Winry had a congenital melanocytic nevus, assuring them that it wasn’t harmful to her health. To err on the side of caution, they needed to keep an eye on the baby and perform a few tests. Nicole and Shannon felt a wave of relief wash over them. However, despite the reassurance, the young mother couldn’t shake off her worries about how this birthmark might impact her daughter’s future.

What is a melanocytic nevus?

A melanocytic nevus can emerge on a child’s skin either before birth or in the first few months of life. It’s a relatively common occurrence and typically doesn’t pose any health issues.

However, in certain cases, there’s a potential risk of this nevus transforming into skin cancer. Because of this, children with such birthmarks need regular check-ups with dermatologists and other specialists. Fortunately, in most instances, having a melanocytic nevus doesn’t demand any specific treatment or surgery.

Indeed, a melanocytic nevus isn’t linked to genetics, meaning any baby can be born with a similar birthmark. For children with this condition, it’s essential to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Before heading outdoors, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing, including a hat, to shield the skin from the sun’s radiation. In cases where a child feels self-conscious about their appearance, surgical removal of the melanocytic nevus is an option.

Winry’s mother didn’t expect such an active response on social media when she started posting the photos of her daughter.

Nicole had always shared family photos on social media, a habit she continued even after Winry’s birth. Little did she expect the overwhelming attention she and Winry received from others.

However, seizing the opportunity, Winry’s parents chose to use this newfound attention as a platform to raise awareness about melanocytic nevi. Surprisingly, they had been completely unaware of this skin condition until Winry was born, prompting them to educate others through their own experiences.

Besides, most of the comments remain positive. And this is excellent psychological support to other children and adults with similar birthmarks, and any other special physical features.

Winry’s parents decided not to get the birthmark removed from her face.

Despite the negative comments that often question why Winry’s parents haven’t chosen to remove her birthmark, Nicole and Shannon firmly believe that this decision should ultimately rest with Winry herself. They trust her to make choices about her own body.

Furthermore, the risk of developing skin cancer in Winry’s case is minimal, as confirmed by her dermatologist and ophthalmologist, both of whom oversee her health. These specialists have not recommended removing the birthmark, reinforcing Nicole and Shannon’s confidence in their decision to let Winry decide what’s best for her own appearance and well-being.

Additionally, removing Winry’s birthmark would necessitate more than five surgeries, leaving permanent scars on her face. Faced with this reality, Winry’s parents remain steadfast in their decision. They firmly believe that when Winry is older, she should have the autonomy to choose whether or not to remove the birthmark according to her own wishes and comfort.

Winry’s mother ignores offensive comments.

Nicole acknowledges that the comments they receive online are predominantly negative. However, she attributes these remarks to a lack of understanding or shallow thinking on the part of those who make them. In her view, people who pass judgment in this way likely lack a deeper understanding of their family’s unique situation and the importance of allowing Winry to make her own decisions about her body in the future.

Winry’s mother doesn’t think that her daughter’s birthmark is the only thing that makes her special.

Some reporters have described Winry’s birthmark as her “superpower,” a label that Nicole isn’t particularly fond of. To her, Winry is special and wonderful in her own right, with or without the birthmark on her face. While the birthmark is a part of what makes Winry unique, Nicole emphasizes that her daughter’s uniqueness goes far beyond this physical feature. Winry’s true essence is defined by her individuality, talents, and the love she brings to the world, making her extraordinary in countless ways beyond her appearance.

Nicole wants Winry to know that her birthmark doesn’t make her who she is. Even though the birthmark gets a lot of attention, Nicole sees Winry growing up as a smart, kind, and brave girl. Nicole is confident that Winry has many other amazing qualities that make her interesting and attractive, far beyond just her appearance.

Winry’s parents want her to grow into a self-confident person.

Now, Winry’s parents are teaching her to love and believe in herself. They want her to be confident and make her own choices about how she looks when she grows up. They hope she’ll understand what’s more important: what others think of her or how she feels about herself.

Nicole doesn’t think she has to protect her daughter against bullying.

People sometimes ask Nicole if she’s worried that Winry might get bullied because she looks different. Nicole knows that kids who are unique can be targets for bullies. However, Nicole believes her main job is to teach Winry not to bully others. She thinks all parents should help their kids understand that everyone is different, and how someone looks doesn’t show who they truly are.

What can Nicole recommend to other parents of special children?

Nicole believes you should love your kids a lot and show it loudly. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. From her own experience, she suggests talking about tough situations before they happen. Nicole thinks the most important thing is to let your child know you’re proud of them and love them exactly as they are.

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