16 Mixed-Race People Who Can Make You Dizzy With Their Charm

year ago

More than 33% of Americans, which is 1 in 10 citizens, identify themselves as being two or more races. This is quite understandable if you take into account the millions of people who leave their countries and move to a different one. It’s only natural that the families they create are multicultural, having traits from all over the world. That’s why we gathered 16 gorgeous people who give a new meaning to the word “beauty”.

1. Japanese and Mexican

2. Jamaican and Polish

3. Chinese and Jamaican

4. Irish and Puerto Rican

5. Thai and Belgian

6. Korean and English

7. Italian and Chinese

8. French, Scottish and African-American

9. African and Korean

10. Australian and Belizean

11. Japanese and Filipino

12. Brazilian and German

13. Czech and Mexican

14. Canadian and Chinese

15. German and Turkish

16. Aboriginal Australian and Anglo-Australian


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Couple of mistakes ..

1. Africa is a contintent, you don't say someone is half 'African'...
2. The title is Mixed Race people, Japanese and Filipino are both Asian..so not mixed race just mixed ethnicity.


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