The Curious Reason Why Paris Jackson Removed Her 80+ Tattoos for a Day Before the Grammys

4 months ago

Paris Jackson turned heads at the 2024 Grammys with her striking appearance on the red carpet. Surprisingly, it wasn’t her outfit that drew everyone’s gaze, but rather what she chose not to wear. Despite being extensively tattooed, the daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson intrigued fans and onlookers alike by displaying a tattoo-free look, prompting questions about the decision to conceal her inked canvas.

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, © parisjackson / Instagram

For several years, Paris Jackson has been actively adding to her tattoo collection, featuring a diverse array of designs. Her inked canvas includes chakra symbols, quotes from books, and symbols inspired by the iconic band Led Zeppelin. Notably, she shares matching tattoos with close friends such as Cara Delevingne. In 2020, Paris took a bold step into the world of tattoo artistry by trying her hand at inking herself on the foot.

At the 2024 Grammys, Paris Jackson made a statement in a stunning strapless black dress adorned with revealing cutouts, strategically showcasing what she playfully referred to as her “magic trick” — the apparent disappearance of all her 80+ tattoos. The model and singer left fans and onlookers curious about the motive behind her decision to temporarily conceal her extensive body art.

Broadimage Entertainment/Broad Image/East News

The 25-year-old simply sought to explore something entirely distinct and original, and this unconventional choice was her response. In a lighthearted Instagram reel captioned with the question, “Why did Paris cover her tattoos?” a voice-over clip featuring Kim Kardashian’s now-popular quote provided the answer: “Because it’s iconic, and I love to do iconic things.”

Credit for the enigmatic transformation of her look goes to Cover Fx. The cosmetics company seized the opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of their products and collaborated with Jackson to achieve the mesmerizing change.

Under the expertise of celebrity makeup artist Tyson Fountaine, the makeover rendered her almost unrecognizable. Captured in a time-lapse video, the transformation unfolds, revealing the gradual disappearance of tattoos from her arms, hands, and chest. The result is a striking before-and-after that adds to the allure of her appearance.

We are convinced that Paris looks stunning with or without tattoos. Incidentally, some tattoo owners opt for more radical measures and choose to have their tattoos removed for a variety of reasons.

Preview photo credit parisjackson / Instagram, Broadimage Entertainment/Broad Image/East News


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