The First Thing You See in the Picture Can Reveal the Whole Truth About You

4 weeks ago

Associative tests can reveal a person’s character, and psychologists have been using this method for many years. We invite you to look at three pictures. Without thinking, determine what you see first and below, read the description.


  • If you saw a swan, that means you’re a realist. Your vision of the world is more logical and analytic, and magic or emotions are not your style. Things are clear for you and you see them for what they are — you’re not worried about trying to see beyond anything. You are quite pragmatic and have big intellect. You’re doing great as far as your intelligence goes but you still have to remember to take care of your feelings.
  • If the animal you first saw was a squirrel, you’re more of the perfectionist type. You’re a very canny person that doesn’t miss a thing that happens around you. You also give everything you’ve got to make your dreams come true. You like to achieve your goals and you keep working to grow more each day. Mistakes are things you don’t let yourself make, and if you do, you make sure you can learn from them so they don’t happen again.


  • A lion. It’s most likely that you’re always getting to the root of things, and you are not afraid of facing your strongest fears. You are a very brave person!
  • An exotic bird. Perhaps sometimes you are a bit light-headed and, in some situations, even irresponsible. At the same time, you have a creative personality and a desire to change the world for the better.


  • A dog’s snout. It’s more likely that you started analyzing the picture in a regular way: from left to right. This doesn’t mean that you are an ordinary person but emphasizes your logical way of thinking and natural bent for consistent analysis of reality. And you probably managed to see the second image when you had reached the right side of the picture.
  • A dog’s leg and tail. If you analyzed the picture from right to left or if you noticed its ambiguity immediately, you probably like more original decisions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use logical thinking — you just like applying a creative approach when you are trying to resolve a problem.

If you’ve discovered something new about yourself and want to try more tests like this, be sure to check out this article.


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