This Man is Being Mocked Online for Not Being “Big Enough” for His Wife

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In the realm of romance, finding a perfect match knows no universal formula. The concept of beauty itself is highly subjective, and genuine love does not demand adherence to societal norms. The extraordinary tale of Matt and Brittany serves as a remarkable testament to this belief. This is because they have demonstrated that authentic love transcends mere superficialities and necessitates embracing one another unconditionally, exactly as they are.

Brittany has endured a continuous struggle for acceptance.

Throughout her entire existence, Brittany Jacques, a 23-year-old woman, had embarked on an arduous quest for love and acceptance. Regrettably, her journey had been riddled with disillusionment and heartache, repeatedly leaving her disheartened. Her past experiences with domineering partners had drained her spirit, leaving her bereft of hope and confidence, especially regarding her body image.

In the face of contradictory messages from her former significant others, who either demanded that she alter her physique or objectify her curves, Brittany resolved to no longer compromise her self-value. With courage, she chose to shield herself from the potential of love altogether.

However, unbeknownst to her, destiny had laid out an alternate path. Sometimes, the universe orchestrates extraordinary and unforeseen connections between individuals, and Brittany was on the verge of experiencing this captivating phenomenon firsthand.

The crossing of their paths was far from effortless.

On the verge of relinquishing hope in her pursuit of love, Jacques was unexpectedly united with Matt Montgomery in August 2020, thanks to the workings of fate on the social media platform Facebook. Despite the noticeable contrasts in their physical appearances—Jacques, a plus-size woman, and Montgomery, possessing a slender physique—their initial encounter sparked an instantaneous connection characterized by undeniable chemistry.

Reflecting upon those early moments, Jacques recollects, “I harbored a degree of hesitancy initially. I have experienced relationships where partners made it clear that they would end things if I did not embark on a diet or strive to shed weight. Such experiences indeed impacted my self-assurance, leading me to a point where I began exercising and attempting to alter my size.”

Despite the relentless criticism, they remained steadfast in their pursuit of love and grew confident that their destinies were intertwined. On January 30, 2022, Montgomery went down on one knee and proposed to Jacques, solidifying their commitment to a shared future. As Jacques and Montgomery openly shared their heartfelt love story with the world, they became subjected to a barrage of hurtful remarks and unwarranted judgments from online trolls.

Montgomery revealed the disheartening experiences he endured, where his masculinity and physical appearance were unjustly scrutinized. “People feel the need to comment on Instagram, suggesting that I am inadequate or insufficient in size for her,” he expressed. Furthermore, he acknowledged the noticeable stares they received while strolling down the street, uninvited scrutiny they had grown accustomed to.

Their love transcended all forms of criticism or preconceived notions.

Despite enduring the pain of hurtful remarks and an unsettling atmosphere, the couple remained resolute in their determination to defy the forces of criticism and remain united. They made a solemn commitment to one another, steadfastly demonstrating that love knows no boundaries of size or shape. Moreover, Matt, having encountered negative experiences with slender women in the past, recognized Brittany as his kindred spirit.

From the moment they met, Matt was captivated by Jacques’ body-positive mindset and unwavering self-love. Instead of pressuring her to alter her appearance, he focused solely on bringing her joy and happiness. In an Instagram post, Brittany eloquently expressed her sentiments, declaring, “You are inherently deserving of boundless love each and every day and beyond. The profound connection we share, how we perceive one another, and the emotions we both experience are irrefutable evidence that our destinies are intertwined.”

Jacques and Montgomery take immense pride in their relationship that defies societal norms, specifically their mixed-weight dynamic, and aspire to inspire others navigating similar circumstances. Jacques expressed her heartfelt desire for mixed-weight relationships to be more prevalent and accepted as the societal norm.

They firmly believe that love knows no boundaries and that individuals from diverse shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can discover profound happiness in one another’s company. They firmly contend that genuine love is invaluable and should not be subjected to judgment or shame based on physical appearance. Instead, they advocate for promoting and celebrating love, recognizing it as the force that enhances and enriches the world with its inherent beauty and magnificence.

But these two aren’t the only couple that has been receiving criticism for simply loving one another. And it’s not just the size that seems to enrage people online, but other things. But sometimes people are meant to be together, and the visual proof of that will you with your mouth open.


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