15 People Who Reached Their Goal and Wanted to Shout It From the Roof

2 years ago

In order to make a big change in your life and stick with it, there are certain things that have to happen. First, you need to change your mindsets and your habits and never stop dreaming about the future. Then, you have to set a relatively slow pace that will go a long way and have someone next to you that will hold you accountable. Remember that you will make mistakes along the way and you need to own those mistakes.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is always up for celebrating people’s victories and we believe that everyone should be able to change their lives any way they wish.

1. “Down ~120lbs in 13 months.”

2. “5 months ago, I got my teeth pulled and got dentures. Today, I have my real dentures and I feel amazing!”

3. “I’m doing it! So tough, but I’m glad I’ve kept at it.”

4. “I’ve been using makeup as a distraction. Here are my most recent looks.”

5. “Couples who get healthy together, stay together.”

6. “Down 101 lb from April 2021, I couldn’t be happier.”

7. “Same spot, 2 years apart!”

8. “I beat anorexia! Took many years.”

9. “It’s easy to forget how much weight we’ve lost until we compare pictures.”

10. “From 263lbs to 154lbs. CICO, walking, then running. One year.”

11. “Obese all my life, I’ve finally found the right path toward nutrition.”

12. “Pizza-cat progress pic!”

13. “Waited almost 2 years for this moment. I am literally half the person I once was.”

14. “Same room, about 2 years apart, same T-shirt too”

15. “Fighting a battle every day. 7 Stone off.”

Is there any goal you’re currently trying to achieve and do you feel that you will reach it?

Preview photo credit DivinePuddingQueen / Reddit


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