We Can Hardly Believe These 10+ Stars Will Join the 50-Year-Old Club in 2024

5 months ago

Some of our beloved stars are turning big 50 this year. They’ve reached a fantastic milestone. These super cool celebrities have been entertaining us for decades, and they’re still rocking it. Let’s give a big shout-out to these awesome icons, showing us that getting older is just another chapter in their incredible story.

Ryan Phillippe

Tiffani Thiessen

Ron Wolfson / Everett Collection / East News, Rob Grabowski / Invision / East News

Christian Bale

UNIVERSAL PICTURES / AlbumEAST NEWS, Evan Agostini / Invision / East News

Donald Faison

Jerry O’Connell

© Calendar Girl / Parkway Productions, Priscilla Grant / Everett Collection / East News

Eva Mendes

Victoria Beckham

Penélope Cruz

AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News, Willy Sanjuan / Invision / East News

Alyson Hannigan

Hilary Swank

Amy Adams

Allstar / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News, Jordan Strauss / Invision / East News

Jimmy Fallon

CJ Contino / Everett Collection/East News, © jimmyfallon / Instagram

Leonardo DiCaprio

© LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, Oleg Nikishin / East News

Randall Park

2023 was a wild ride for some celebrities. They had some drama, some filed for divorce, some welcomed babies, and all of them kept us hooked on their stories. Now, it’s 2024, and we’re all wondering what the stars have up their sleeves. Will there be new adventures, surprise friendships, or maybe some big team-ups? Get ready for another year of celebrity excitement.


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