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15+ Pics Proving That Twins Are Blessings That Come in Pairs

Researchers believe that the world may have reached the peak number of twins in our global population. According to recent data, an estimated 1.6 million twins are born every year, thanks to medical developments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility techniques. Having a pair of babies may be twice as much work for parents, but it also means double the love and joy.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are also curious about what it’s like to be born with your best friend for life, so we collected 18 photos that show the special bond shared between twins.

1. “My twin and I with our twin dogs”

2. “My twin sister and I both married our husbands and had a twin wedding.”

3. “This is how Halloween went for my identical twin and me.”

4. “The third pregnancy my twin sister and I have shared — crazy twin luck, right?!”

5. “This is my mom and her twin back in the ’80s”

6. “Different in so many ways, but they share the exact same level of weird.”

7. “My twin brother and me — we have always worked the same job and are now attending the same college for the same degree.”

8. “My womb-mate and me, still going strong at 34 years”

9. “Me and my twin sister, holding my 7-week-old twin boys”

10. “Gonna be 60 this year.”

11. “Here’s my twin sister and me at a concert in matching handmade shirts.”

12. “39-year-old identical triplets”

13. “My bro and me at a recent music festival, peace and love!”

14. “My 4-year-old twins made this picture. They call it ’Best Friends.’ Twin life is so crazy but so special.”

15. “Can you tell the difference?”

16. “And just like that, we’re another year older.”

17. “Identical twins x 2”

18. “We did the thing. Here are my twins as slinky dog!”

Do you have a twin brother or sister? Do you think twins have a stronger sibling bond than others?

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