Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Precious Moments We Should Make Sure to Cherish Before They Disappear Forever

A quote says that “There is a limit to how much you can embrace a moment. But there is no limit to how much you can appreciate it.” And that’s because something that you have today, might not still exist tomorrow. So, it’s important to consider every little beautiful thing as precious and not take it for granted.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to remind you to live every moment to the fullest since life moves on so far and we can’t waste it.

1. “14 years ago I took a Polaroid with my brand new puppy, Captain. Here’s us today.”

2. ’’The moment before I proposed to my girlfriend.’’

3. ’’My son and I’’

4. ’’My 96-year-old grandpa and 92-year-old grandma on their 75th wedding anniversary’’

5. ’’My newborn smiles when she farts.’’

6. ’’The moment my niece met the baby.’’

7. ’’My favorite photo from our wedding. Flower Nana!’’

8. “4 years ago I was getting my life on track and going on a first date with my new girlfriend. Today I got engaged.”

9. ’’My nephew met a cicada for the first time today.’’

10. ’’Calf just born this morning, taking it in to dry it off.’’

11. ’’A baby crow fell down my chimney and for the moment we’re best friends.’’

12. ’’Me and my newborn sister. Also my favorite picture of all time.’’

13. ’’I captured my son’s first smile on camera.’’

14. ’’My 1-month-old son’s first time meeting his great-grandma.’’

15. “Today my great grandfather completed a century on this planet... wish the man Happy 100th Birthday.”

What are the loveliest pictures you’ve taken that you will never get tired of looking at no matter how many years go by?

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