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16 Ageless Celebrities Who Need to Share Their Skincare Secrets With Us

Stress can make you age faster, according to experts. And in the cut-throat entertainment industry, actors or artists usually deal with a lot of pressure and grueling hours of shoots or concert tours. But some celebrities seem to have found either the perfect coping mechanism for stress or the best skincare routinebecause they managed to keep their youthful glow over the years.

Now I’ve Seen Everything juxtaposed younger and older photos of 16 famous people, and the results make us want to know what their beauty secrets are.

1. Shakira at ages 24 and 45

2. Eva Longoria at ages 28 and 44

3. Angelina Jolie at ages 23 and 44

4. Jason Momoa at ages 21 and 39

5. Emilia Clarke at ages 24 and 33

6. Ben Stiller at ages 37 and 53

7. Cindy Crawford at ages 24 and 52

8. Carey Mulligan at ages 24 and 34

9. Jesse Eisenberg at ages 19 and 36

10. Madonna at ages 27 and 60

11. Liv Tyler at ages 25 and 42

12. Matthew McConaughey at ages 34 and 50

13. Kate Beckinsale at ages 23 and 48

14. Elizabeth Hurley at ages 35 and 54

15. Paul Rudd at ages 26 and 49

16. Julia Roberts at ages 23 and 51

Who is you celebrity crush, and how much has her or his looks changed over the years?

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, shakira / Instagram
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