Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

17 Times Life Proved That Its Wonders Are Never-ending

The Universe never ceases to amaze us. Whether it is by its funky living things, curious objects or eccentric people. And while some fear the unexpected and dislike surprises, others see them as an exciting occurrence or even a sign of good luck. One thing is certain, with time these curious sights will turn into our notable memories, and this is what makes them so precious.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that extraordinary things are the spices that make life so flavorful. So we want to share with you 17 sights that are guaranteed to add a good sprinkle of excitement to your day.

1. ’’My boss writes notes on his hand and photocopies it for later.’’

2. “My brother met an alpaca at school.”

3. “This pickle is surprised.”

4. “15gram gold nugget I found metal detecting a Vermont dirt road.”

5. “Jade, the pregnant foster cat my wife brought home as a ’surprise’ last week, had her kittens today.”

6. ’’I came across a dual colored tulip today.’’

7. “I saw a grey tree frog in the wild for the first time today.”

8. “The graphite of this colored pencil fell out”

9. “A squirrel got into my friend’s apartment while they were gone. Their 2 cats were as surprised as the visitor was.”

10. “This small violin I was given as a gift”

11. ’’My garden has produced a tiny, baby pineapple from an old pineapple crown.’’

12. “I graduated with my master’s yesterday and then was surprised with a proposal after the ceremony.”

13. “Found this bird chilling on his nest in a stoplight on my way to work.”

14. A Disney princess on the ice cube

15. “My chickens greeting me when I come home from work”

16. “This spider’s web is different.”

17. ’’One of our chickens just laid a jumbo egg with another egg inside.’’

What is the most wonderful yet simple surprise someone has prepared for you?

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