Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

7 Repulsive Creatures Who Are Always Searching for Ways to Enter Your Home

There are so many pests that live outside and can’t wait to find the perfect moment to enter your home. From tiny ants to larger snakes, there is always an opportunity for them to intrude when you least expect them to. It could be the smallest hole or crack anywhere in your house that could prompt them to enter. That’s why it’s important to keep your house sealed and fully protected.

11 Cleaning Tricks You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most annoying and boring house chores for many of you out there. Most of the times, people are not aware of the right way to clean things easier and that’s why it seems so hard for them. There are always the best and worst ways to clean something and we are always looking to make your life easier.

15 Renovation Mistakes Many People Make Without Even Realizing

Doing a renovation at your home can be one of the most stressful things you will ever have to do. That is because there are many details that need your attention and many mistakes that can happen. You need to be on top of every single thing so that you don’t go off your budget. So, it’s important to know exactly what you want in order to be able to control everything better.

3 Benefits of Ironing Underwear and Socks

We’re used to ironing clothes for them to look neat and fit well, but we never think about ironing underwear and socks. Our freshly washed clothes are not as clean as we think. Unfortunately, some bacteria and germs can survive even 60°С, and only ironing can kill them completely. The way ironing helps with that is with the very hot steam that manages to disinfect clothes from bacteria.But, not that many people seem to iron the clothes that not many will see, which are our underwear and socks. It seems so sad to spend time ironing socks and underwear, while you could be doing something much more useful or entertaining. If you really think about the amount of germs and bacteria that could be lying on your underwear right before you put them on your private parts, you will be shocked. That’s why you should try to eliminate all the possibilities of catching an infection by ironing all your clothes.

20+ Mistakes We Make That Turn Expensive Devices Into Trash

When our devices and appliances start acting out, we often rush to conclusions and blame the manufacturers that, we think, didn’t do everything in their power to avoid this situation. But very often, it’s not their fault, but ours. Some of us not only throw away all the manuals, but we don’t even know how to use devices correctly to make them last long.

9 Practical and Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

Our home is our temple: it represents that place of rest and peace, where we surround ourselves with our favorite things and which we design to our liking. That’s why we are always on the lookout for simple tips and tricks that will elevate our home to another level without requiring special cleaning services or an interior designer.

9 Secrets From Chinese Homes That Makes Them So Unique

When looking for a new home, people often focus on ever single detail to make sure that whatever place they’ll rent or buy is perfect. If there’s enough sunlight in the morning, if the kitchen is large enough to prepare good snacks or invite your mother-in-law for dinner... However, in China, things are a bit different.

A Mother Got Tired of Doing Housework Alone and Tried a Method That Taught Her Family a Lesson

More and more people are becoming aware of the enormous burden that is often placed on women at home and, through a division of labor, they decide to make way for a much more harmonious and equitable coexistence at home. Such is the case of Twitter user Miss Potkin, who decided to teach her family a lesson to get involved in household chores and prevent everything from falling on her.

25 People Proudly Show the Repairs They Made at Home on Their Own

For some people, drilling or hammering is a piece of cake; for others, not so much. However, they don’t give up and try their best to keep their home in tip-top condition. Sometimes, this means becoming experts and making the restorations that their nest needs, no matter how big or how difficult.

20 People That Would Win a Gold Medal if Saving Was an Olympic Sport

Some people can go to great lengths to save money. If they’re ingenious enough they’ll come up with the most creative solutions to save a few bucks and reuse items they have at home. Mind you, this goes beyond simply spending less: it’s all about making the most of everyday objects before discarding them. Not everyone has these kinds of skills, and if it were a competition, these thrifty souls might well earn their countries a few gold medals in the Olympics.

19 Hiding Spots and Secret Stashes

Good hiding spots are located in places where we least imagine: a secret compartment inside a drawer, a door that is not visible to the naked eye, or the extra space inside the car key. With enough creativity, you can find and build great nooks and crannies for anything.

18 People Who Discovered Stuff in Old Houses That Even Columbus Couldn’t Have Dreamed Of

Old houses are full of mysteries and secrets. Often, those who live in them are in for surprises when it comes time to start renovating or tidying up corners. For example, they find artifacts from bygone eras, secret rooms, and other treasures such as highly prized works of art.

16 People Who Proved Anything Can Fit Inside a Small Jar

When the spaces in our home are very small, the best thing to do is to smartly use every inch of the place. There are many options to manage this. For instance, you can extend the shelves, use the corners, look inside the steps, stools and other furniture of the nest. The thing is to look for gaps and get creative.

21 Things That Only Needed a Bit of Elbow Grease to Look Their Best Again

There are people who like to keep their homes sparkling, shiny, and tidy. But there are also others who have stopped paying attention to the bathroom, which was once white, or to the oven, which has food stuck to it since last year’s festivities. There may be few people brave enough to take on the challenge of doing a deep clean that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding.

20+ Neighbors Brimming With Good Humor That We’d Love to Run Into Every Morning

When we get around to swapping stories about neighbors, it’s clear that many of us have experienced firsthand situations that left a bad taste in our mouths and made us wish that the people living around our home would move far away, preferably to Mars. But we’ve probably also experienced some funny, brag-worthy stuff too.

20 Rooms That Were Turned Into Super Cozy Nests with a Few Touches

The way your home is decorated sends an immediate message to others about who you are. That’s why it’s important to add special touches to your décor according to your taste and personality. Sometimes, this change is quite simple, and a rug or a piece of art can make a huge difference. Other times, the changes need to be bigger, like painting the walls or getting new furniture.

20 Ideas How to Organize Knicks and Knacks

How to organize knicks and knacks? As minimalism becomes more and more popular, one thing we can all learn from it is that we don’t need as much stuff as we think we do. People all around the world have shared their tips on how to declutter and maximize storage space. After all, an organized home is a great place to spend our time after a long day at work.

15 People Who Thrifted Their Way Into a Stylish Home

Whether it’s finding a vintage sofa on Facebook’s marketplace or getting a gorgeous Alphonse Mucha mirror from a thrift store, some people have an eye for treasure. For these folks, shopping second-hand elevated their home décor at an affordable price. And you can do exactly the same thing!

20 Mysterious Things the Internet Detectives Helped Identify

Sometimes we find weird things here and there and don’t really know what to do with them. Some people have encountered a piece of fabric attached to the pavement with 2 bolts, and others thought actual gold could be collected with their water filter. In any case, once something mysterious appears in your life, it’s better to seek advice from detectives on the Internet.

20 Unusual Kitchen Items That Triggered Our Curiosity

From weirdly shaped knives and utensils, to plastic instruments with special features — these unusual kitchen tools were discovered hiding inside drawers. And since they are not as common as the other cooking devices that we normally use, they raised some questions about their true purpose.