20 People That Would Win a Gold Medal if Saving Was an Olympic Sport

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2 years ago

Some people can go to great lengths to save money. If they’re ingenious enough they’ll come up with the most creative solutions to save a few bucks and reuse items they have at home. Mind you, this goes beyond simply spending less: it’s all about making the most of everyday objects before discarding them. Not everyone has these kinds of skills, and if it were a competition, these thrifty souls might well earn their countries a few gold medals in the Olympics.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a few tips shared by people who know very well how to take care of their house economy.

1. “We never use the top sheet in our sheet sets, so I like to turn them into summer dresses for my daughter.”

2. “This is so common with pump bottles. When the pump on this moisturizer reached ’empty’ I cut open the bottle and put the rest in a container. Should last another few weeks or months.”

3. “Wanted new fabric, wouldn’t get new fabric until I used my old stuff. Wanted a rug, didn’t want to pay for a rug. Two birds, one stone!”

4. “Hemmed curtains and used leftover fabric to make accent pillows for the couch. Very happy with how it came out.”

5. “Cloths pins are $1 for 100 and so much better than plastic chip clips.”

6. “The tool set gift I got my Dad for Father’s Day was heavy and awkward to wrap traditionally, so I bought a small tarp and a pack of colorful bungee cords to act as gift wrap and ribbon! Practical and only cost me $10!”

7. “I cut my sponges in half to have the package last longer. So I get twice the amount but the same scrubbing strength as I do in a whole one.”

8. “My wife’s great aunt has been saving on a birthday card for 35 years with her friend as they just send each other the same card back and forth to each other every year. How cool is the card and the story that it has created?”

9. “Broke up with my girl for trying to throw this out”

10. “I wanted an air purifier for my allergies, but someone suggested spending $25 on a box fan and filter instead. Fingers crossed that it works! (Feat. concerned kitty)”

11. “54 years ago my grandfather ’fixed’ this toilet paper holder by sticking a pencil in it.”

12. “Sometimes my laziness gets the better of me. Instead of running out and getting more, I did this. Every. Last. Drop.”

13. “Am I the only one who saves all the tissue paper from birthday parties and reuses it??? Husband thinks I’m crazy haha”

14. “I really wanted a backpack vacuum but was put-off by how expensive they are. Luckily I already had this guy and a box of rope.”

15. “Parents decided that shipping the tires would be too expensive so they chose to check them as bags on the airplane. Saved 110 dollars.”

16. “After hearing about how pre-1965 quarters have silver in them, I decided to look for them in my 63 year old fathers stash.”

17. “Dealership wanted almost $600 for a replacement climate control board. Here’s my $10 fix.”

18. “An eBay seller saved money shipping in this box. Clever reusable idea, and perfect a size.”

19. “Basically getting paid to exercise, while helping clean up the neighborhood. Collecting cans while getting my steps in.”

20. “I have frozen my credit card”

What methods do you find useful to save money? Have you tried repurposing old objects to cut costs? If so, which ones and how?

Preview photo credit dolly01022018 / Reddit


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