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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Pics of Adorable Pets That Can Soothe Your Stress Away

We can all agree that our pets are adorable. But science has provided an explanation on why these animals need to be charming — it’s because their survival depends on it. Puppies, for example, reach their peak cuteness when they are about six to eight weeks old, which is around the same time that mother dogs stop nursing them, and they need to rely on humans to feed and care for them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 20 photos of animals that prove how hard it is to resist those puppy eyes and endearing little faces, and they might give you the urge to grab your own fur ball and cuddle with them the whole day.

1. An aspiring “meowntain” climber.

2. “Loki was super happy today — it was his first time in the forest.”

3. Showing its little teeth to look both adorable and menacing

4. “A friend is babysitting my dog and sent me this — he seems happy at least, right?”

5. “My cat gave birth to this small criminal and is illegally harboring him in her nest.”

6. “When nervous, she usually puts a paw on my foot for support. Here, she was formally introduced to someone new.”

7. “Seeing the world for the first time.”

8. They look like they’re awkwardly laughing at a bad joke.

9. “They actually fight each other 23 hours a day. Catching them like this was a proud mom moment.”

10. “His adoption fee was discounted because he only has 3 legs.”

11. Who needs a cup of coffee when there’s a cup of kitty.

12. “A little cutie who is only 33 days old”

13. “The moment my friend’s dog realized that they took her to the groomer, not the dog park.”

14. “I’ve been feeding this stray cat in my complex for about a month. This morning, I was greeted by her doing this.”

15. “I asked if he was hungry.”

16. “My cat and I are both blind in one eye. We are a matching pair.”

17. “Say cheese!”

18. “I don’t remember getting a third guinea pig...”

19. “She’s a professional hand devourer.”

20. “This is my cousin’s dog, Henry, who was given a mohawk haircut by a groomer. We have been laughing for 2 days.”

What’s the one picture of your pet that never fails to make you smile and put you in a good mood? Let’s all share them and contribute to having a better day full of smiles!

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