Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 Parenting Moments That Are Equal Parts Hilarious and Heartwarming

As adults, we’re often caught off guard by the impromptu questions and witty comments that children tend to make at the most unexpected moments. While these remarks can be embarrassing and even bring us to tears, there’s no denying that kids are some of the most entertaining and insightful little thinkers out there.

16 Ravishing Animals Who Won the Genetic Lottery

As happens with people, animals can also be born with unique mutations and genetic characteristics. And the more unusual they are, the cuter they look. Or at least this is the case with these 16 unique animals we gathered for you to see.

20 Photos That Will Break Down Resistance to Cuteness

Life can be tough, but there are always simple joys that make it worth living. Whether it’s a warm cup of tea on a rainy day or the sight of a loved one’s smile, there’s something about those little moments that can turn our day around. But one of the greatest joys in life is looking at pictures that fill us with happiness and positivity. From heartwarming family moments to adorable animal antics, a simple glance at those photos can instantly make us feel better.

16 Objects Whose Purpose You Wouldn’t Guess Even in a Million Years

Occasionally, as we navigate through our daily routines, we encounter unfamiliar objects that perplex us with their enigmatic purpose. Yet, we are fortunate to have a vast community of knowledgeable internet users who eagerly offer the correct explanations and unveil the mysteries behind these intriguing phenomena.

18 People Who Knew Exactly When to Press Click

When faced with a surprise, humans experience a momentary freeze lasting approximately 1/25th of a second, during which their brain processes the situation and determines how to proceed. This article highlights a list of individuals who captured extraordinary discoveries in their surroundings, showcasing their awesome finds through photography.

People at a School Notice They’re Being Watched

The constant movements of pupils and staff members at Trident Technical College in South Carolina didn’t go unnoticed by a small feathered resident residing in a campus tree. It’s possible that this is why, when he recently experienced a problem, he appeared to understand precisely where to seek assistance.

Passenger Avoids Excess Baggage Fee by Wearing All Her Clothing on Flight

Gel Rodriguez, a young traveller, resorted to unusual measures in an attempt to avoid paying additional baggage fees. Her carry-on bag was overweight, exceeding the limit of 15 lb. So, she chose to put on over 5 lb of her own clothing as a way to avoid the fees and her post describing the event has gone viral.

10+ Celebrity Wax Figure Fails That Are Comedy Gold

Celebrity wax figures are supposed to be a lifelike representation of the star, but sometimes things don’t quite go as planned. Instead of an accurate portrayal, some wax figures end up looking more like caricatures. Still, it’s always worth checking them out, because even these accidental fails can be the source of a great laugh.

15 People So Unlucky You Just Want to Give Them a Big Hug

It’s easy to get caught up in our own problems, but sometimes hearing about the struggles of others can put things into perspective. In this article, we’re shining a light on 15 people whose unlucky circumstances will make you want to reach out and give them a big hug.

26 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Trigger Your Creative Juices

Sometimes, the universe has a wacky way to keep us amused by means of timing. There are instances where a moment or an object is so perfectly synced with another object that it triggers our imagination, and then we label it funny or weird. Sometimes it can be a cloud perfectly aligned behind a leafless tree or a shadow of a garbage bag that shows itself as a silhouette of a man. We’ve gathered such perfect instances below for you to have fun with. Have a look!

18 Kids Who Just Know How to Make Life a Comedy Movie

The moment two people welcome a child into their lives, everything around their house changes. Suddenly, they have all these new stories to tell to their friends and family. Everything is new to them and their kids are also discovering the world. That’s why they do and say things we never imagined and thus they make everything around them a bit more entertaining.

15 Funny and Honest Truths About Parenthood You Need to Hear

Becoming a parent is like jumping into a whirlwind. Suddenly, you’re juggling mealtimes, diaper changes, and playtime, and there’s hardly any time left for yourself. It’s like being a circus performer, but instead of juggling balls, you’re juggling your kids. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet, where experienced parents share their best and funniest tips for surviving parenthood.

15 Curious Stories That Prove the Truth Will Out No Matter What

Some guy was writing derogatory comments under my posts. He claimed in several answers to have a Ph.D., and he also named the university where he studied. The funniest thing is that I also studied at this university, and we graduated from it the same year, 1979. We even had the same field of study. But I never met him. The guy even posted his Ph.D. certificate. But something was wrong there, and it took me some time to figure out what exactly. The font! One of the fonts he used on his Ph.D. certificate from 1979 wasn’t designed until 1982. © Ian Williams / QuoraA year ago, I found out that my husband had 2 children from 2 other women while we were still married. He agreed with them to pay support money every month if they didn’t reveal that he was the father. Once, he delayed the payment, and one of them called me and told me everything. I met those women and their children — they were the spitting image of him. Our younger son was 5 at the time. Those women hadn’t known about me before they got pregnant. They are all nice women, we keep in touch, and our children have become friends. My ex-husband got married again, and his wife is pregnant now. So, it seems that a new member will join our club soon.

16 People Whose Luck Run Out While Shopping

Either you shop online or visit your nearest store, marketing tricks can be found anywhere. You might find a package that looks full inside, but when you open it at home you realize that it’s half empty. On the other hand, when you shop online, many times, photos are completely manufactured. That’s why we decided to show you a few examples that might make you go “wow”.

15 Entertaining Stories From Beauty Salon Workers Who Have to Deal With Weird Clients Almost Every Day

When we find a hairstylist whose work fully satisfies our needs, we remain loyal to them and value this relationship because our appearance and mood depend on them. And if our stylist moves to another city, we may miss them as we’d miss a dear friend. On the other hand, hairstylists and nail technicians don’t always have an opportunity to choose their clients, which is why different peculiar things take place at their work.

16 People Whose Sense of Style Could Be Prosecuted

Fashion and style are two things that every person senses and understands in different ways. Some people like vintage stuff and others follow every new trend without fail. Some others seem to have a very unique style that doesn’t abide by any rules. These people are what make the world a multi-dimensional and interesting place.

15 People Whose Vacation Turned Into an Unexpected Disappointment

People have unlucky and bad moments all the time, but when these moments happen on vacation it hurts a bit more. That’s because you expect and you need your time off to be careless and problem-free. But life never stops and negative things can happen whenever, wherever. All that matters is that you don’t let them completely ruin your time and mood.

15+ Things That Caught Us Off-guard

Some people love surprises, others hate them. Scientists say it all stems from how our brains are wired: one way to react to novelty is with curiosity; such people feel positive emotions. The other option is fear, which, of course, is unpleasant. But whether we enjoy unexpected events or not, they are a part of our lives. Let’s look at some things that caught today’s heroes off-guard.

15 Times People Got Something Far Beyond Better Than What They Expected

Purchasing something online can either go well or horribly badly. That’s because a lot of retailers post fictitious photographs of their items or photoshopped images that aren’t entirely truthful. But occasionally, the finished product resembles the image exactly, if not even better. Whether it is our lucky day, or the universe wants to reward us for a good action; however, it is always amazing to exceed our expectations and just be surprised.

16 People Who Would Do Anything to Press Restart on Their Day

Having a bad day is something we are all very familiar with. From having your car break in the middle of the street to growing a massive and painful pimple on your face, these types of things happen to everyone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to be annoyed or angry, but rest assured that you are not the only unlucky person in the world.