Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Harmless Things That Could Even Spook Captain America

Halloween may be far behind us now, but that doesn’t stop the universe from sending innocuous yet spine-chilling things our way. All year round, people record encounters with stuff that gives off creepy vibes. Whether it’s a lemon that decided to consume a fellow lemon, or a sign with an ominous evacuation warning, you need a brave soul to tread through these lands.

Now I’ve Seen Everything welcomes you on a journey through various haunting pics.

1. “A snowman I shouldn’t have created”

2. “I’m so disturbed yet also intrigued.”

3. “Thought someone was watching me. Turns out it’s just a pair of bolts.”

4. “Was trying to take a picture of my weird bed head and managed to take a picture mid-blink.”

5. “This sign is so unsettling.”

6. “Woke up with 4 random tiny cuts on my finger. I don’t have any pets if that’s what you’re thinking.”

7. “My driveway today”

8. “My daughter got a ring light for Christmas.”

9. “I walked up to my front door at 10 p.m. while swinging my lanyard. This is the image I got as a motion notification.”

10. “My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It’s the top of a tomato.”

11. “It’s a moss zombie.”

12. “My phone’s camera has an ‘eye enhancer’ function. I turned it up to 11.”

13. “The power went out at the Sears Tower.”

14. “My wife snapped a picture of my dog mid-sneeze, with a flash, in the dark.”

15. “Walked past the playroom and nearly had a heart attack.”

What’s the last thing that scared you? Leave your spookiest tales and pics in the comments!

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