Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Loving Pets Who Are Stuck to Their Owners Like Glue

Having a pet comes with a whole list of benefits including increased immunity, lower anxiety levels, and blood pressure, according to scientific research. But it also has its challenges, like the loss of personal space when they spend every possible moment with us. However, it sure does give us incredibly adorable pics that perfectly illustrate unconditional love.

Now I’ve Seen Everything tracked down some “velcro” animals who refuse to let go of their human best friends.

1. “I think I have the world’s clingiest cat.”

2. “My roommate’s dog has no sense of personal space.”

3. ’’My cat usually showers with me but decided to hop in with my fiancé this morning instead.’’

4. “Napping with a Great Dane”

5. ’’Stage 5 clinger won’t let me pee alone.’’

6. "I tried to snap a pic of the cat snuggling my head and ended up with this.’’

7. ’’I can’t get a moment alone. I thought cats hated water.’’

8. “Someone is jealous”

9. ’’He goes from the toilet, to the sink, climbs on my shoulders, and perches on my head.’’

10. “My dog doesn’t believe in personal space.”

11. “I have 3 pillows on my bed, but my dog still chose to sleep on my face.”

12. “This is Lego.”

13. "Almost 6 months old and still a daily ritual.’’

14. “Without even consulting anyone, this guy unilaterally decided to stage an intervention.”

15. “There is no such thing as ‘privacy’ with a cattle dog. Love this goofball!”

Do you have a pet in your life? What would your reaction be if a fuzzy, adorable animal demanded your full attention at all times?

Preview photo credit scarletcyanide / Reddit
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