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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Pics That Will Double the Levels of Serotonin in Your Blood

While looking at something truly adorable, we may instantly have an urge to squeeze it or to just to touch it. This way we make our visual satisfaction even more tangible. our today’s heroes just couldn’t stand the cuteness of the things they saw and experienced, and decided to send some rays of light to a whole internet.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything wanted to show you 15 charming photos that will make you either want to pinch something or go, “Aww!”

1. “This picture of my SO with my brother’s illegally smol kitten will forever warm my heart.”

2. “Rainbow appearance of new feathers on a baby macaw.”

3. “Quokkas are friendly animals that live in Australia and enjoy taking selfies with people.”

4. “So I was helping my teenage daughter dye her hair tonight, when this happened.”

5. “Mom and I inked up! Her first tattoo, and she did great!”

6. “My girlfriend told me not to have too much fun watching her dog for the day. Request denied!”

7. “I took my little sister to get soaked in the rain. She was really happy, so she gifted me a card and I keep it like this.”

8. “Helped get this one & her twin brother into the world. (Banana for scale.)”

9. “After 30 years, I found my birth mother.”

10. “Walked in on my boyfriend in bed with some girl”

11. “I got home a couple of hours before my wife. This is the surprise I’ve got ready for her when she gets home.”

12. “My son is a ridiculous little person.”

13. “My mom, my hero, cancer-free”

14. “Before bed last night I noticed a kitten was missing. I found him with my oldest son.”

15. “Here is my memorial tattoo of my precious boy. Now he is always with me.”

Have you ever experienced cute aggression? Which picture was the most satisfying to look at? Why? Tell us in the comments, we love reading them.

Preview photo credit Rikplaysbass / Reddit
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