Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Rare Things That Made People Quickly Grab Their Cameras

Early photographs required the object to sit still for about 20 minutes for the image to be crispy. Of course, this made it impossible to take pics on the go the way we do it today. Modern cameras allow us to get the images of different unusual things we stumble upon, to then tell interesting stories to our friends and family or even share them on the Internet, like today’s heroes did.

1. “While filming a movie the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk a shirt. I obviously kept it for one reason.”

2. “When my blind is open just the right amount, my bedroom becomes a giant pinhole camera.”

3. “I saw a real parrot wearing a parka.”

4. Someone just wants to have a perfect smile.

5. “My hotel in Istanbul served a whole honeycomb for breakfast.”

6. “I organized a pen cup at work.”

7. “A picture of a moth having an identity crisis in my parent’s bathroom at 1 AM”

8. Glow-in-the-dark highways

9. “This pigeon is wearing a bread jacket.”

10. “A perfectly parked car”

11. “These cowboy boot ice skates I found at an antique store”

12. Waves of glass-like shards

Kalamazoo Gazette / Associated Press / East News

13. “This suede sofa is the opposite shade when looking from the other direction.”

14. “Accidentally squeezed out the most perfect swirl of paint the other day.”

15. Purple honey

16. “A stack of gummy bears”

17. This tree has a good appetite.

When was the last time you saw something that awoke your curiosity? Do you have your own fascinating photos? Share them with us and the world!

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