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19 People Bravely Share Stories That Highlight Their Forgetfulness

There are quite a few reasons why people can be forgetful and some of the most common are stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and even dehydration. Age is often a cause, since people who are advanced in years can forget things and that is normal. Thankfully, most of the times people are forgetful, the results are more funny than tragic and they are happy to share them with us.

  • Also once when I was a kid I had visited a mate of mine and had to take the bus home. It was like an hour long bus ride, less than 30 in a car. The only thing was that I had taken the wrong bus. It had the right number but it was going the opposite direction as I was supposed to. I didn’t notice for like 20 minutes or so. futureprostitutrobot / Reddit
  • Once I went out to the nearest store to buy bleach, but there was none, so I had to go somewhere else a little further away. I got there and bought it, but when I arrived home, I realized I had forgotten it, so I went back to the store. But since I was talking on the phone, I messed up and went into another store to claim the bleach. How embarrassing. Claudia Arias Guapacha / Facebook
  • I was desperately searching for my cell phone all over the house, even under the bed and the sofas. I realized it when I saw that I was looking for it with the cell phone flashlight in my hand. Silvia Plaza Sanz / Facebook
  • Last year I lost my airpod case. Looked everywhere. Had many breakdowns because it was expensive and I had just quit my job. Few days later I went to grab a cough drop to find the case at the bottom of the bag. I have no idea how it got there. I felt so embarrassed after complaining and having my mom help me search for it that I just pretended to have bought another one. Sidereall
    / Reddit
  • One morning I got up to go to work as usual. That day I was a little late, and I got my children up in a hurry because I always took them to school before work. We rushed out like crazy and when we got to school, surprise: it was empty. There wasn’t a soul around, it happened to be a holiday. Teresa Garcia / Facebook
  • The number of times I have called my phone to find it and then gotten all excited seeing a missed call IS TOO MANY. kookaburra1701 / Reddit
  • I filled my cup with unground coffee beans at work the other day...much to my colleagues amusement. I’m surprised my kids have survived my absent mindedness this far. Life-Ad-5092 / Reddit

  • Once I was late to take my daughter to school. It was a few minutes before the bell rang. We rushed off and got there a minute early, I kissed her goodbye, and she went into the school. Then she turned to me and said, “Mom, where is my backpack? We had forgotten it. I had to go back home to get it.” Ernes Gutierrez / Facebook
  • This happened some days ago I put my chocolate powder in the fridge and the milk in the kitchen cabinet, my dad comes and said “where’s the milk and why this is on the fridge ?” I just laughed. MentionSuspicious571 / Reddit
  • I lay down to rest after lunch and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was scared. I thought I was late for work. I put on my work clothes and went out. I looked at the sky and saw it looked strange because the sun was not where it was supposed to be. I returned home and looked at the time, it was five o’clock in the afternoon, and I thought it was dawn. Mery Villabona / Facebook
  • On the day I lost my 7th phone of 2019, my father bought me a new one at the airport. when we landed I’d lost the 8th and both of us sobbed. meowmeow_moo / Reddit
  • My mom got into a car similar to my dad’s, but it wasn’t his. She only noticed it a few minutes after seeing the steering wheel and glove compartment that looked different than usual. She got out of that car in a panic, and my dad was close by in his car, calling out to her and honking his horn. © Claudia Alejandra Guerrero Valdivia / Facebook
  • I got out of the shower and asked my wife what was wrong with the soap because it smelled funny. She asked me: “What soap?” And I said: “A blue one.” She said, “Ah, it’s the dog’s. Your daughters bathed him in the bathroom.” Julio César Carrillo Lopez / Facebook
  • We used to often go rollerskating with my family, once, we took a taxi and loaded all of our skates in the trunk but when we got to the park *big surprise* I had actually forgotten mine. To the annoyance of everyone, my family went off while I headed back home to retrieve them. I get out of the taxi, ask for him to wait a few minutes, rush into the house and jump back in. He starts to drive away and after about two minutes I realise I had come out with a water bottle instead of the roller-skates. fluoriiite / Reddit

When did you realize that your level of absent-mindedness was through the roof? Who is the most forgetful person you know?

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