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Now I've Seen Everything

20 People Who Didn’t Order a Surprise, but the Universe Had Other Plans

We all may enjoy a really good surprise, especially when we are having a boring day. Sometimes, the universe is so generous that it starts showering us will unexpected gags. So if you love being swept off your feet, you will love these documented wonders that people of the internet shared.

The Now I’ve Seen Everything team gathered for your enjoyment 20 pictures of people with whom the universe chose to flirt in the most outstanding ways.

1. “This bird just flew into my eye and fell to the ground.”

2. “There was a ninja turtle in my onion today.”

3. “Yao Ming visited my girlfriends restaurant, she’s 4’11”

4. “My husband removed some plaster due to damp issues. the way the plaster fell off looks like Bart Simpson.”

5. “I had to act fast to capture this brave soul on camera.”

6. “My candle looks a bit sad.”

7. “The shadow from this glass bowl is beautiful!”

8. “The door handle on the door of a pen shop is a pen.”

9. “My view from the Safari Park I visited.”

10. “These rapper silhouettes are made out of white and dark chocolate.”

11. “I cut an apple in half this morning and found the seeds had started sprouting inside the apple.”

12. “My pancakes made a color gradient as the pan heated up.”

13. “The way my ice lined up is ... cool.”

14. “This bird nest inside of my computer.”

15. “A friend pulled up this heart of a sweet potato.”

16. “Orange juice smiling back at me.”

17. “My breakfast sandwich had a few extra slices this morning.”

18. These socks might actually be invisible

19. “My Grandad showing off his gigantic homegrown cabbage.”

20. “My 3-year-old nephew’s nanny cam tonight.”

Which picture did you like the most? Do you have a picture where the universe surprises you? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit ZOlDBERG / Reddit
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