Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 People Who Flawlessly Captured Comedy With Their Lens

A good anecdote can spark a few chuckles, but with a photo it can trigger countless belly laughs. That’s because there are no words to perfectly describe some things — like the look on your friend’s face while they’re trying to fight his fear of babies by holding one. Luckily, cameras are now absolutely everywhere, and people get to enjoy these moments forever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared a display of hysterical photos to give your day an extra boost of happiness.

1. “My girlfriend vs the pic on her passport”

2. “Grandparents’ first time at a Japanese restaurant”

3. “My husband shaved his awesome beard and turned into a little girl.”

4. “We’re adopting a dog soon so the neighbor brought his dog over so our cats get used to them. Tonight, this happened.”

5. “My neighbor is 3 kids in a trench coat.”

6. “We all have that one friend.”

7. “Our cat strikes a pose while she waits for us.”

8. “Never have I seen a shirt so true until I put this one on my kid.”

9. “My dog was extremely tired, but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

10. “Next door has a new kitten. We have rabbits.”

11. “My friend is terrified of babies. This is his first time holding one.”

12. “I fed my friend’s baby goat and she ate my finger!”

13. “Let my kitten outside for the first time...”

14. “Tried to take a panorama from our hike today, it really did my boyfriend dirty.”

15. “My daughter pooped, then pulled this face.”

16. “My friend had a girl ’propose’ to him last night and his face is absolutely priceless.”

17. “My dad got an email from Amazon.”

18. “My son makes an interesting face when he wants to do a dirty job.”

19. “When the face painting goes horribly wrong...or perfectly right”

20. “A hairstylist friend of mine is doing her boyfriend’s hair.”

What is a joke or photo that makes you laugh uncontrollably? Which of the photos above made you have a nice giggle?

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