Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 Pics That Prove Anything Is Possible Through the Lens of a Camera

The instant we click a pic, regardless of whether we use a camera, a cell phone, or a polaroid, time stops forever to be captured in an image. And sometimes, the image reveals a detail of reality we didn’t even spot before. But when looking closely at the pic, suddenly, a whole new perspective appears. And sometimes, it’s a pretty surprising one.

1. “Who let this panther in my house?”

2. “This photo I took of a woman with a very long arm.”

3. “This is a giant hole, but it kind of just looks like a little hole in the ground with wooden floor panels. You can see tiny humans to the upper left of the hole.”

4. “I have been looking at their hands for 5 minutes and I still have no clue who’s hand it is on the left.”

5. “Velociraptor, double jointed or broken...”

6. “My dogs have merged together.”

7. “Island in the sky or glassy lake?”

8. “Dog reading a pamphlet on the bus.”

9. A “snake” with some mildew.

10. Mom, I think I broke the door.

11. His pet has absolutely no clue what he is looking at, either.

12. “My friend easily carrying his end of this fallen tree.”

13. A mountain or a river?

14. A levitating box

15. “Giant shipment of Yorkshire Tea.”

16. “Believe it or not, this is the back where you put your face.”

17. “The goblin under the staircase”

18. “My sister took this pic today.”

19. “Just a cow. Its name is Bertha.”

20. “Dirt bike”

How long did it take you to decipher these images? What is the best photo you ever took?

Preview photo credit FantasyMaster85 / Reddit
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