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20+ Photos From Japan That Make Us Doubt This Country Is Even On the Same Planet As Us

Japan is inhabited by more than 125.5 million people, with an average life expectancy of over 84 years. Maybe, it’s all about the seafood diet and unique climate. Or, maybe, it’s how they perceive the world. The Japanese are incredibly creative, and they do everything they can do to make their ordinary lives more colorful.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are in love with Japan and could spend hours looking at the photos taken in this amazing country.

A night bus in Japan

The bus kids take to kindergarten

This noodle shop in Japan will give you a hot steel egg to warm up your soup if it gets cold.

This is a device to lift your lip corners and make your smile more symmetrical

What do you know about fashion!

An absence of hair is not a problem for the Japanese. You can always draw it on!

Parking lots and Ferris wheels on rooftops

They have a penguin-themed museum

Someone spent way too much time in this toilet

Of course, you’ve heard about Japanese manholes with Pokémons, right? Right?

“In the spring I was walking through a park when I saw a bunch of guys with cameras, I got a little closer and saw this.”

“The guys surrounded a blooming Sakura tree, even though there were a lot of other similar trees in the part. I guess this one was especially attractive.”

"I was walking on the beach and saw a cute building. Families with children going in and out. I wanted to see what was inside. I was shocked. It’s a waste incineration plant!

“My favorite shop sign in Kyoto”

Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art.

“This is the ladies’ room in a Japanese mall. I feel like a queen every time I go there.”

"We went to a restaurant where actual sumo wrestlers eat. They eat a lot! We ordered a pizza and it was really small!

“A cafe I visited in Tokyo can print pictures of you into the foam of your macchiato.”

Even mannequins in Japan copy anime characters.

“This guy walking with a stroller full of cats in Tokyo”

Pets here are treated like children

Even foxes in Japan wait in line to drink

How do they have enough time for everything? The answer is simple: they have more than 24 hours.

“My mom is visiting Japan. She was not prepared.”

This is 88-year-old artist Eijiro Miyama. He loves eccentric hats and accessories

We really wanted to ride the night bus, try the soup with the iron egg, and visit the incineration plant! What would you do if you had a chance to visit the capital of Japan? What things about this country do you adore, and what things seem pretty far out?

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