My Sister Refused to Let My Son Attend Her Wedding Due to His Features

8 months ago

Relationships with relatives can be complex. It can even happen that a close bond between a brother and sister can be shattered in an instant. This is what happened to a man who never expected such an action from his sister.

The story of this young father can be difficult to digest because of the complicated decision his sister made.

Surely the man did not expect to find so many little ones as part of the event, let alone the answer his sister gave him.

This story received a strong response online. Reddit users unanimously supported the author of the post:

  • She owes you a big one, and before that, your child. She should admit to his face, that she didn’t think he was good enough for her wedding, and I don’t even know what she could do or say as an apology that is gonna cut it. This is pretty horrible. Don’t let her worm nor cry her way out. At a minimum, she should be willing to accept her shame in public. © real_bk3k / Reddit
  • You are an amazing dad for walking out not saying anything I would of absolutely lost it at her selfish behaviour. Her crying is her guilt nothing more nothing less. She ruined not only her wedding day but any respect I guess you had for her. © Bitter_Animator2514 / Reddit
  • I don’t have any bio children. But I’m a stepmom, if this was done to my step kids, you wouldn’t have to worry about seeing me or them again. You mess with my kids I’m done. Your sister has shown you who she is, believe her. I personally would cut her out my life. © Loud_Eye_7141 / Reddit
  • Tell the people messaging you that you left after discovering the reason your son wasn’t invited to the wedding. When they ask why, tell them it would probably be better if they heard it from her. © Dramatic-Step-6733 / Reddit

Conflicts at weddings happen much more frequently than we realize. For instance, a bride can become upset with a guest over something as trivial as food.


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Your sister is a small minded petty person. I probably would have reacted the same way you did. Congratulations for standing your ground with all involved. If you were my friend or lover, I'd be very proud of you and I'd always have your back.


Your sister was wrong wrong wrong! What a horrible person to exclude a child for such a reason. You might remind her that "its all in the wheel".


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