12 Real Stories That Make Those People Tremble Even Today

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Some things we go through stick with us for a long time and change how we feel and see the reality. Even if these memories are tough, they make us see the world from another perspective and teach us some lessons. But sometimes there are stories we’ll never forget because of their really weird plot.

  • When I was about 10 or 11, I was over at my best friend’s house with a bunch of other friends. Some guy showed up at my BFF’s house who was apparently her uncle. We were all excited about his motorcycle and begged him to give us a ride.
    More than 10 years later, I brought it up to my BFF, but she had no idea who I was talking about. She said she didn’t have an uncle or know anyone who rode a motorcycle. Kinda scares me to this day... some random man gave us rides on his motorcycle. © kshee87 / Reddit
  • I was in second grade at my private school, waiting for my mom to come pick me up. I was waiting outside the secretary’s office when a couple came in and told me, «Let’s go.» I thought, who are these people? They just kept on trying to get me to go with them, but I wouldn’t.
    When I thought they finally got too close, I ran inside the secretary’s office and sat down. When I looked back into the hallway from the office window, they were gone. I told my mom, but she never believed me. © streetsk8er158 / Reddit
  • I used to have dreams or memories about a bookcase falling on me, yet no one talks about it or brings it up. It turns out that when I was young, it actually happened, as confirmed by my uncle. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I actually got confirmation from my uncle. © Acidsparx / Reddit
  • My father had just remarried. He asked me not to bring one of my close friends around. Apparently, my father’s new wife recognized my friend as someone who randomly attacked her years before she met my dad. I kept my friend away for a very long time and one day mentioned it to my dad. He had no idea what I was talking about and checked with his woman, who was also clueless. I was dealing with sleep apnea and I assume I was experiencing hallucinations from lack of sleep. © throwerofaway1 / Reddit
  • When I was 5, I have a distinct memory of my mom and I waiting in line at a fast-food restaurant. I remember getting to the front, then my mom just quickly taking me and leaving. I whined and complained that we didn’t get the food.
    Years later, my mom finally told me the disturbing reality. She explained that when we got to the front of the line, the cashier said, «Those men over there are robbing us. Take your child and leave now.» So my mom did exactly that and never told me what happened. © EghYewSeaQue / Reddit
  • When I was about 4, I got the chickenpox. All I remember was being in a darkened room at a relative’s house long ago, while the relative and my mom inspected my pox-riddled body.
    Years later, when I was 11, and it was time to get my vaccinations, the doctor asked me if I had had the chickenpox, and my mom said no. I reminded her that I did, but she didn’t remember. © queen_oops / Reddit
  • About 4 years ago I was working as a counselor at a sleep away camp in Northern New Hampshire. One night around 10 me and one my friends decided to make a Walmart run. On the way were driving down a back road in the middle of nowhere when my friend slams on the breaks. In front of us is a monkey wearing a fez, doing a little dance. It then stops dancing and runs into the woods. We both looked at each other unclear what just happened. No one believes us but we both know what we saw and simply can’t explain where that monkey came from. © winterscuming / Reddit
  • I was helping my sister and her family move into a new home. As I was stacking boxes in the garage, an old rotary phone rang. Many of the appliances in the house seemed ancient. I answered it and was greeted by an old lady asking for her daughter Angela. I told her that there was no one here named Angela, that there were new residents in the house.
    I told my sister about the call, but she refused to believe me; the phone was old and disconnected. I picked up the phone again, but there was no dial tone. © Cringebot / Reddit
  • One night, I was awakened by an extremely loud noise around midnight. It sounded like a huge, robust hammer hitting a steel pole. The noise made the furniture in my room vibrate slightly with each consecutive blow. What creeped me out the most is that the noise followed a clear pattern, but suddenly turned completely mute mid-blow.
    I ran to my parents’ room, but they heard absolutely nothing, as if everything was in my head. I was perplexed; the noise was so ridiculously loud that I expected everyone, even the neighbors, to be gathered trying to find the source of it. To this day, I don’t understand it. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I have a memory of waking up at night time when I was really young. I looked outside and thought it was weird that it was still light outside, and my parents went outside with me. Everything was cloaked in a green light. The trees, the pavement, the sky, the houses, everything. The wind rustled the trees a little and we went back inside. And suddenly after about 5 minutes, it was pitch black outside like everything was all normal again. It wasn’t a dream, because I asked my parents about it a week later and they said «yeah, that was weird.» Then I asked them a few years later and they said they didn’t remember, not denying that it happened but just that they didn’t remember. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was snorkeling with my dad in a lake when a fish that must have been 10 feet long swam right underneath us. I specifically remember its eye, which was easily as big as my head. I freaked out and brought my head above water. When I went back down, it was gone. I’m still positive I saw it, but my dad denies it ever happening. © EmergencyTaco / Reddit
  • When I was younger (6-10 years old), I remember hearing heavy footsteps upstairs. We had just moved into the house. Each time I was sitting on the couch with my parents, watching a movie, I heard footsteps upstairs, moving from room to room. We had a cat at the time, but I knew he wouldn’t make steps like that. My parents don’t seem to recall this, even though I also remember telling them about it when it happened. © svinepelz / Reddit

For some grown-ups, they can’t forget what they went through as kids, even when they’re older. It sticks with them. And for others, it takes a long time to solve mysteries from the past, sometimes years later.

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