13 Childfree People Shared Sharp Stories About What They Have to Face With

7 months ago

Having your own life stance is entirely natural, and no one should dictate how you should live. Nobody has the right to insist that their viewpoint is superior or that you’re wrong. The choice to have or not have children is deeply personal, and respecting individual decisions is crucial in fostering understanding and acceptance.

  • My husband is a collector of Lego sets and action figures, and has a few toys and figures decorating his area at work. A customer saw his collection and said, “How can you afford all those?” He responded with a smile, “I have no children and disposable income!” The guy scoffed, rolled his eyes, and said, “Must be nice.” My husband just replied, “Yeah, it is nice!” My husband laughed about it, but it made me mad. Don’t get an attitude with someone because you’re jealous that they made different choices. It’s not his fault that you decided to have kids, and now you’re broke because of it. © SoCrazyItMustBeTrue / Reddit
  • I’m a 31-year-old single woman. A few months ago, I bought a house. When my co-worker (few years older than me, 2 kids working on a 3rd, usually just a sweet, chill person) learned about my house she got super offended, and she had this weird knee-jerk reaction: “Why didn’t you just buy a condo until you have kids? Why would you need a house?” When I reminded her that I don’t want kids, so there was no point in waiting, she said that I’m basically stealing this house “from a family who could really enjoy it, kids who could play in the backyard.” © theditzydoc / Reddit
  • So about a week ago, I went to my doctor and asked him for a recommendation to go to a gynecologist. I told him I wanted to have an operation because I didn’t want to have children. He just said, “You just wanna be selfish!” and laughed. © LadyJupitor / Reddit
  • So I have family and friends who always told me: “What will you do on Christmas, it must be so lonely without children.” Well, I never had kids, sure, but I always made Christmas so fun with my husband and dogs. Every morning my husband and I do a scavenger hunt for our gifts, and wrap the dogs treats with wrapping paper. It’s so fun, and I am so happy I don’t have spent my hard-earned money on toys, just to stay up all late on Christmas Eve turning the living room into toys R us. It’s much more relaxing to do what I want in life. © Chronically_vibing_ / Reddit
  • My co-worker and I were interviewing this person for a position, and she asked me if I had kids during the interview. She had brought up, unprompted, that she is a single mom and has one son who is a teenager and everything she does is for him. My co-worker responded that he was also a single parent and just said something short about how great his kids are. I said nothing. We moved along. She spoke at some point about how her ex had been controlling and manipulative. Then she asked me if I had kids. I said no. She asked how old I was. I told her. She told me that when I find the right person, I’ll want kids. I told her I am married. In a job interview. © Hotel_Lazy / Reddit
  • A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were out of town to see my grandparents. All was going really great until grandma asked if we would ever have kids. I told her no and gave several gentle reasons why. First, I have a heart condition. Second, I just don’t want kids. So on, so forth. She told me that: “Having kids is my job, and it will rectify my medical issues.” © Hamilmr17 / Reddit
  • Once my boss said he and his wife were going on vacation (childfree couple), and his boss said, “You need a vacation? I have 5 kids.” My boss responded with, “Hm, life decisions.” I laughed. © Careless_Ad3968 / Reddit
  • Husband and I just converted a bedroom in our house into a his-and-hers gaming space. The first question everyone has asked us is, “But what if you have kids? Won’t you want that room for them?” But when we say we’re not having any, outcomes the snarky “Must be nice.” © SweetGlasgowSmile / Reddit
  • I hate it when parents say: “You’re not tired until you have kids”. I’ve heard this so many times, and it honestly aggravates me. Like I didn’t know we were gatekeeping exhaustion now? © Spaghetti4jo / Reddit
  • My co-worker always says, “must be nice” when I mention that I’m going to do something relaxing after work or on the weekend. Yes, it is! I chose not to have kids, so I can relax in my free time the way I want to. It’s not our fault that parents choose to have kids. If they wanted to relax, then should’ve thought about their decision a little harder. © kenzbaek / Reddit
  • My sister became spiteful behind my back when I decided to undertake a master’s degree. Her entire personality is based around living through the achievements of her 2 (now adult) children, and she never shuts up about them (like, several times a week she’ll be crowing about her “perfect” kids online). I posted my graduation photo on Facebook once, and she said I was apparently attention-seeking. Like, it took me 3 years and a heck of a student debt to get that degree, why shouldn’t I be proud? © 30-something / Reddit
  • My husband was chatting on the phone with a relative earlier, and she brought up the question of if we were planning on having children soon. My husband explained to her that we didn’t want children, and of course this caused her to start in on all the reasons why we should have children. This went on for a few minutes, and I was just rolling my eyes because at the end of the day I knew it didn’t really matter what she said. But then she went on to tell my husband that he shouldn’t go through with our wedding and religious ceremony until I changed my mind. Then she said that when she sees me, she is going to interrogate me and try to change my mind. © taco-belle- / Reddit
  • Once I told someone I wasn’t planning on having kids, and she said: “That’s what I thought too, until I turned 38 and wanted a baby.” My thought was, “Then you were never CF, you were a fence sitter.” © ParkingConfusion9741 / Reddit

We believe that, whether single or married, has the right to make their own choices about how they want to shape their future and family, become a parent or not. The crucial aspect is having a clear understanding of what you truly desire for your happy life.

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